We gotta Learn to Let Go....

Just got home from attending the afternoon Sunday mass and it feels so good! After days of brooding for something I don't even know existed my distress subsided and I am thoroughly relieved, comforted with the fact that there's still God who recognizes my value and who always protected me.

Today's gospel is so inspiring. It's all about God's parable of the weeds (Matthew 13:36-43). The weeds are those belong to the evil one and the son of man sows good seed. For a while I reflected on the parable and pondered on my life, I am a good seed and nothing can keep my faith away from me and no matter what happens, my faith never ceases. I truly believe in the power of prayers.

Whatever circumstances I will be encountering in my life's journey, I know God is always my guidance who never get tired of me. I've a long way to go in life.

Have you ever encountered a certain moment where everything seems a little noisy and a little crazier? As if something blares too loudly that you can hardly even heard yourself talking?

These are clutters of everyday-life and in order to move on and achieve peace, happiness and contentment, we gotta learn to let go of these clutters and think about life in a bigger picture, think about the beauty of the environment, the stillness of the mother earth and the soft tang of the evening air, these are magical moments that provide so much inspiration.

We gotta learn to let go of close-mindedness too. We are all different and unique, we never share one's thoughts and opinions and biases, we cannot force our ideas to others in a way that we cannot dictate them how they judge us or interpret our behavior and personality. So let's give them space and let us also give ourselves enough space to breath and stop over-analysing everything.

The world is a better place, absolutely wonderful place to live in if we have to let go the things that we have no control. Life is a beautiful journey to be wasted on useless things.

Learn to Let Go and breathe deeply! :-D

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