Insecurities are Fatal

....And the trouble that lays with in it is that most people don’t actually recognize they have it because they refuse to distinguish its poisonous presence in their system. Sometimes insecurity prompts them to bathe themselves with so much pride and self-arrogance. 

 Insecurity is a creepy trait, it slowly kills and ruins relationships eroding the possibility of fostering a warm friendship, it also hinders acquaintances to progress into deep interpersonal encounters. 

How would you know you’ve just encountered insecure people?

It’s when they began showing signs of self-centeredness, insisting to be given enough attention first before the others. When they become subjective with their criticism. It’s a dangerous sign of immaturity and it will make the lives of the people within their premise very intolerable and agonizing. 

Insecure people are those who never see goodness in the environment, what they see are the bad stuff more than the pretty things, who always felt they are being taken for granted. They are the people who constantly racing with time to reach the pedestal of power, who nurture envy and jealousy, who stuck too much bitterness, resentment and all those defeating junks within their system. 

It is quite disturbing when someone is trying to squeeze your energy until you drop in exhaustion, pushing your patience into the edge of the wall.

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