Intense Love does not Measure

           ...It just gives...

And so goes the inspiring quote from Mother Theresa.

This quote is so timely because the coming week is already Holy Week, a season that commemorates the Passion of Jesus Christ. A very significant event in the Christian world because it symbolizes Christ's sacrifices and sufferings to save mankind from eternal damnation.

In the Catholic faith, this season marks the most important spiritual celebration in a year, very meaningful than Christmas because without this event and eventually Easter, the Christian faith would never be meaningful at all.

Intense Love does not just gives, and yes, because of God's love to mankind, He gave His only son, Jesus Christ to save sinners. A clear act of a sacrificing, giving love with no condition.

But how about human beings? How can we really love without expecting something in return?

It's always difficult for humans to internalize the divine personification of unconditional love. Maybe because our brain capacity is just designed to comprehend what's being there, what's being seen by the naked eye, anything that is so invisible is dismissed as nonsense and beyond comprehension, therefore not worthy to entertain.

And because at the moment I am presently breathing the world's mortal atmosphere and would want to do first my earthly mission before my heavenly appointment, I will try to reflect the meaning of it in a worldly level.

But don't get me wrong, I am not saying I am inconsiderate with the concept of God's will, divine intervention and the idea of a genuine love, it's not that way, what I am trying to say is that I will try to ponder it on the capacity level of a human brain. We all have the tendency to be lured to something creepy, stupid and maddening no matter how spiritual we are, we often struggle to balance sentiments and logic and most often than not we always choose the former because it is where we feel so complete, comfortable and happy.

How can we really sense if we are already crossing the parameter of sinfulness out of love? To make the record straight, when it comes to love I've never committed a mortal sin, so to speak, because I've never into a relationship. But lately, I've become so weird entertaining this vicious thought --- what if I commit a huge mistake when it comes to falling in love? But in what level and what degree? When is falling in love becomes a grave sin?

Over the years, I kept on pondering the mysterious circumstance of falling in love. Where in the heck of the universe "the one" can be found? Is it really worth the wait? Why others are so easily to find someone while I continued to turn the page of wandering? What is the difference of a momentary attraction from an enduring emotion? It baffles me a bit and I am tired listening to the ancient argument of finding love in the most unexpected places because I've been into different places, but finding the one is so remote as finding a shooting star.

I am trying to come to terms with my destiny that maybe my true love is trap elsewhere or maybe he is already married or worse, dead!

Another profound quote from Mother Theresa that I kept on contemplating haha!

"Every time you smile at someone, it's an action of LOVE!!

Whether it's a pure platonic and altruistic love that one day might progress into romantic Love, Mother Theresa did not elaborate LOL!! So it depends on us how we would interpret that quote ^______^

I always give my smile to the people I meet and have been receiving smile from everyone but whether this can be categorized as an action of Love is a long hell story of a mystery.

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