Wedding Plan of Direk Lino Cayetano

My ultimate crush is marrying! :-P

Irresistible. Smart. Intelligent. Blindingly handsome with stunning soulful eyes. Who would not be smitten with Direk Lino Cayetano? Nakks!

The gorgeous TV director will be “out of the market” soon. He is set to marry his girlfriend for just 3 months, former volleyball player of Ateneo Lady Eagles at UAAP, Fille Cainglet, 13 years his junior. The wedding details remained ultra secret, “It might happen this Christmas or New Year”, according to his brother, Senator Allan Peter Cayetano. The wedding will be held outside Metro Manila anytime this month and very exclusive to direct family members only.

Direk Lino Cayetano now the representative of the 2nd district of Taguig
 in the House of Congress. He has been so secretive with the details of his wedding.

Lino Edgardo Schramm Cayetano in real life, the former resident TV director of Kapamilya network is the youngest brother of Senators, Pia and Allan Peter Cayetano. He went to the US for a while to study Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy and joined the roster of young directors of GMA network and co-directed, the now defunct talent search, Starstruck. He later moved to ABS-CBN and directed Star Dance, Little Big Star, Silang Mga Sisiw sa Lansangan among others.

The public caught a first glimpse of him in 2003 when his father, late senator, Renato Cayetano, became ill and had to go to the US to undergo a liver transplant. Weeks later, Lino was interviewed on TV showing his abdomen with stitches indicating he had just donated part of his liver to his father.

And oh, yes, it was also my first time to see his poetic eyes that seemed lurking when he smile. By then, he was romantically attached to Diana Van Walsum, a Malaysian-British born model he met while studying Filmmaking in New York City.

He temporarily left the entertainment world to join politics and won a seat in the House of Congress last May 2013 representing the 2nd district of Taguig.

I am an avid follower of Direct Lino isn’t that pretty obvious?

In 2005, I was slightly surprise when he dated TV host Bianca Gonzales, whom he met in the set of Star Dance (she co-hosted the show with Archie Alemania, JC Cuadrado, Marvin Agustin and Vanessa del Bianco) because judging from his past girlfriends, she seemed not quite on the ranks. Anyway, they looked happy and besotted with each other, Bianca reportedly got along well with his family, especially Senator Pia Cayetano, but a year later, Bianca astonished half of Filipino viewers of Pinoy Big Brother (where she was one of the celebrity housemates) when she displayed extra sweetness to fellow celebrity housemate, Zanjo Marudo.

The controversy appeared so outrageous that I wondered how Lino took the whole thing manly watching his girlfriend cuddling, hugging and kissing another man. The speculations that there were cracks beyond the sunny façade of their relationship surfaced several months later when they broke up.

Lino became involved with KC Concepcion after Bianca, however the relationship lasted only one year. Since then, no news had been reported about his love life until last year when he dated celebrity stylist, Liz Uy, but the two denied the issue telling reporters they’re just friends. Okay, fine…

Did I not tell you I am tailing Direk Lino’s life constantly? hehe! I followed him on Twitter and regularly read his tweets and got few tidings about his everyday activities and thoughts. He is just like any other regular guys who loves ordinary stuff like, uhmmm, drinking coffee in the morning. He would tweet about his new café business venture (Luna Specialty Coffee) in BGC (Bonifacio Global City), but no hints of new love life!

Or did I miss anything? Fast Forward December 18…

It’s all over in the celebrity columns! The handsome solon will be tying the knot this December!Geeeeez!!Why so quick? And who’s the lucky girl?

Fille Cainglet, former Team Captain of the Ateneo Lady Eagles in the UAAP,
 is set to marry Direk Lino Cayetano this month. 

Fille Saint Merced Cainglet, one of the most popular volleyball players in the 75th season of UAAP playing for Ateneo Lady Eagles. I saw her played at UAAP (I watched it on TV), she’s charming and lovely, but not awesomely pretty if I would scale her down to the lines of prettiest girls in the country, but she looks kinda cute with fabulous slinky eyes and lean figure. Cainglet was born in Bacolod City.

The most surprising fact is that they are just into a relationship for 3 months!

Three months?! Everybody’s eyes widened perhaps, but not Lino’s brother, Senator Allan Peter Cayetano, who revealed his identical situation in the past. He and Mayor Lani were having the same length of relationship when they got married. Now, they're married for 10 years and revealed “very happy”. According to Senator Allan Peter when he asked his younger brother if he has no anxieties marrying a girl he’s been dating for only three months, Lino’s answer was also a question “Were you sure?” referring to Allan Peter’s decision to marry despite being in a short dating period with Lani.

…Oh there, that’s where the motivation came from…there’s no such thing as short or long engagement, afterall, the length of time doesn’t define the success or failure of marriage. So if you feel you already found "the one", finally understood the entrenched connection of your soul, aware with what you’re getting into, where you’re heading, financially stable and already mature in all aspects to handle the huge responsibility, then why wait for eternity to take the plunge?

Lino is just so quiet about his wedding plans, very secretive with details, maybe he doesn’t want the public to pry on his personal life and just want everything to remain private. The only clear hint that the wedding is already set is the twitter photo post of Cainglet of a wedding gown sketch. It looks like she will be gliding down-the-aisle in a satin sheath dress with a lace top overlay.

Whatever the truth behind the secret wedding plans, only the couple can tell, but one thing for sure, everyone is getting hitch, everybody is scrambling to find “the one”, yet my soul remains drifting in the dimension of obscurity unable to figure out how to unearth the mystery of the 21st century -- the “waiting” game of stumbling on “the one”. It’s so incomprehensible to discern and I don't want to rake my brain with questions only God can answer, so I’ll just continue my journey and enjoy the scenery of life.

But isn’t a nice thing to hear that someone you admire enormously from a distance has finally found his “significant-other”? It’s always inspiring to hear people fall in love so instantly and recognized God’s gift so easily, it makes my eyes roved in amazement.

Best wishes and congratulations to Rep. Lino Cayetano and Fille Cainglet!

UPDATE: January 3, 2014

Rep. Lino Cayetano and Fille Cainglet tied the knot last December 27, 2013 in Mactan, Cebu with just direct family members present. The couple however announced to hold a reception for their friends around this month, January. Based on the photo shared by Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano in his instagram, the wedding location is at the beach.

TV director turned congressman, Lino Cayetano, 
and former Ateneo volleyball player, Fille Cainglet
tied the knot in what could have been a beach wedding 
in Mactan, Cebu, last December 27, 2013. The affair
was very exclusive only to direct family members.

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