Flood in Metro Manila!

Several areas in Luzon are devastated by floods again due to the effects of typhoon, Maring. Most areas in Metro Manila are almost not passable. 

Got so scared with the heavy rainfall! I never witnessed this situation in Davao City. The rain pounded the metropolis non-stop since Saturday afternoon.

The downpour is so fierce especially during night time, felt like snowballs were smashed at the roof of the house, I'm so terrified with the notion of flood so I became very vigilant with the water level of the river near the house we lived, thank God it did not overflow, so we are safe here.

My sympathy, prayer and compassion go to the people who are greatly affected with this latest natural calamity, it's so depressing to hear them struggled in their homes, trying to cope up with the devastation inflicted by flood, the damages were so great it created trauma and distressing experience to most of them, others lost their homes and loved ones. Praying for more strength and early recovery, hope they can bounce back immediately from these sad circumstances.

Right now the rain had subsided, hoping tomorrow a beautiful sunshine will greet our day. I haven't seen it since Friday and I missed the warm spark of daylight :-)

Just this afternoon, I and my sister went out to do a quick grocery in a nearby supermarket, bought one bag of whole wheat bread and milk but forgot to grab a box of Green Tea!Ekkkkkk...Gosh my comforting beverage!!

Today is the 30th death anniversary of one of my favourite political figures, the late Senator Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. may he will be remembered by the present and future generations, his crusade and tireless devotion to democracy and how his death influenced the restoration of freedom and democracy in the Philippines.

Please help pray for the safety and comfort of people who have been experiencing turmoil, trauma, sadness, chaos and distress due to flood, typhoon, war, misunderstanding, conflict and tribulations. Pray for the Philippines, Pray for Egypt and other nations, which, one way or another, suffered a lot.

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