Weekend Diary: Birthday and Strolling

I rarely wrote entries in my weekend diary category because there's nothing extraordinary to talk about every week, I hate raking my brain with something not worthy to share anyway. I got so tired spurting my distress and discomfort all over again, in fact I get used to it that I am no longer surprise why my weekend is painfully exhausting, mentally.

But this week is slightly different, well, not that I suddenly realized I should update my blog, but there's something into it that I want to share, it's all about surprises and inspiration. It's the last week of November and I am always excited when December comes.

November 27, Tuesday. We attended a birthday party in honor of Dr. Amy Gravino who turned 50, her children and husband surprised her with a kiddie birthday party at Jollibee. It was so funny and very unique, all of us became young again, traveling back in time when nothing matters in the world except fun, laughter and foods! 

I joined others in a fun-filled game, oh well, it's pretty crazy doing some childish stuff when you are on your high heels, hehehe, but I carried on and helped my team won the game! Well, I love surprises, there's something in it that really make me so emotional, the fulfillment of being cared and the idea of being unconditionally loved. Watching Maam Amy reduced to tears impelled my heartbeat to pound really fast. It's so heart-warming to see someone emotionally happy because of surprises.

Dr. Amy Gravino celebrated her 50th birthday with a kiddie party theme at Jollibee
 Party Game Prize I received, Jollitown activity book ^____^
....and just like all kiddie parties at Jollibee, the event was wrapped up with the presence of Jolly and Hetty!

November 28, Wednesday. Surprisingly!I was back in my old habit. Before I started attending classes in the graduate school in 2010, I had this amusing habit of visiting the national bookstore not to buy books but to read anything I find interesting there and last Wednesday I did it again. I went to a shelf where there were two books unsealed related to Steve Jobs. For two hours, I stood behind it and read the first two chapters. I put it down just before the closing time of the mall.

December 1, Saturday. For the first time, I went to SM Lanang. I and my two boardmates made some wandering around the area, we're so curious with its enormous edifice, entering from one store to another, staring at its magnificent display of elegance, then decided to go to SM department store, there I found the things I would love to buy this Christmas: wallet, blouse, bag, organizer, wedge, double CC drop earrings (sigh!). The huge Christmas tree dominated the lobby and the facade looked like a winter wonderland with its sparkling white lights, then we moved toward the sky garden, I was not really impressed with its bare architecture. I was hoping I could see something extraordinary or fascinating feature like the Garden restaurant in Trinoma Mall in Quezon city but none at all.
 Huge Christmas tree at SM Lanang
The child in me....I bought a bag of cotton candy!hehe

I adored oriental foods so I convinced my two boardmates to spend dinner at Tokyo Tokyo, but gosh!Nothing extraordinary, I was disappointed with the California Maki, it was not what I expected, it was far from the authentic California Maki I tasted at Sangkai, a Japanese restaurant along Jacinto extension. After dinner, I bought one cellophane bag of cotton candy because I was attracted with its pastel color hehehe
 Shadowy appearance behind the fancy Cherry Blossom tree
 We strolled around the parking area for a while and noticed the artificial Cherry Blossoms trees nearby. Oh I loved Cherry Blossoms!!So I pleaded to my friends to take some pictures while I stood behind the sparkling tree but to my chagrin, the takes were not that good because we're only using a cellphone camera. But we agreed to come back there before Christmas, my 2012 would not really complete without getting a clear souvenir at these fancy trees!^_____^

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