Travel Adventure

I rarely go out.

I hate being in the crowd, ever since I was a teenager, I don’t like hanging around with friends, I fretted their noise, their nonsense talks. Back then, I would hide in my parents’ room every time they would come to our house.

When I attended college and lived in the city for good, my attitude towards “hanging-out” did not change. I would still prefer to stay at home rather than go out. I considered disco and bar houses as nastiest places on earth.

I detested girls who are loud, who compulsively drink and smoke, who enjoyed night life, who had an unthinkable lifestyle, I often think they are bad influence and hanging around with them would not get me anywhere. Going elsewhere with people I am not comfortable with, bores me to death and wandering around is not my idea of living life to the fullest.

Oh well, maybe I was not born with itchy feet.

Even today, except for making grocery and other errands, I seldom go to the malls. It's maddening to stay there for an extended time and watch people come and go. I love being at home because I can move comfortably without intruders, the serenity and quietness provided by home gives me enough space to think, to indulge in my two precious habits – writing and cooking. It also gives me plenty of freedom to be with myself.

I grew up without househelpers, so early in my life I was trained to do household chores – doing laundry, cooking and cleaning the house. Today, I enjoyed it very much, it’s part of my routine every weekend, I am not comfortable being served by others, I love doing things on my own way. Being at home gives me protection and comfort.

My Travel Adventure
From left: Lake Agco in Kidapawan City, during our educational trip (for my masteral subject) at Mt. Apo Geothermal Plant, February 17, 2012. Pearl Farm and Malipano Island in Samal, August 23, 2012.

But lately, I realized that at times, it’s also good to turn my head and see the other side of life, after all, I lived only once and my journey would be incomplete without figuring what are the things beyond writing and cooking.

In the past months and years when I started joining with friends on excursion and holiday getaways, I discovered the joy and excitement of seeing other places, it brings delight to my redundant routine and allows me to discover new things.
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Well, life is a beautiful journey, we should never take a short cut because we might miss the best part, instead, take the long route and enjoy the scenery, and see how far we’d travelled.

Now, I am ready to take that long route.

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