Yellow Hauz

If you are looking for a comfortable and relaxing cafe house offering good foods that satisfy your cravings of European dishes with a spike of Filipino taste, Coffee @ Yellow Hauz is the perfect place to visit. Apart from the first word that appears in their commercial name, Yellow Hauz is not only offering coffee concoctions but also other delectable food choices.

A home grown Coffee Shop, Yellow Hauz offers comfort for diners with a free wifi zone. What I truly love about this place is the serenity provided and the feeling of being at home. The environment is so relaxing and quiet, no screeching of cars, no noisy crowd. It is very homely, almost residential, surrounded with a beautiful garden of green plants and flowers. 

Customers can choose to stay inside or at the garden. The atmosphere can be compared to a lovely and relaxing private house. It has a function room also that caters 25 people with an accommodation payment of 1,800.00, the 1,300.00 is consumable.

If you think you are already consumed by stress and pressure and life has just been so busy with stressful office works, why not visit Yellow Hauz where you will be treated into a delightful experience of being at home far away from the city. It's a perfect and fantastic place to hang out with friends.

Yellow Hauz welcome diners with a residential feel and homely atmosphere, very ideal for small gathering with a homely theme, that's why I choose this venue for my friend's Bridal Shower (Click the link here to read related story) because it reflects our party theme, Home Sweet Home.
Pica Platter at Yellow Hauz

Aside from the usual concoctions offered by cafe houses, Yellow Hauz offers pica platter consisting of twister fries, chips, potato wedges and garlic bread. A taste of Europe's all- time favorites like milk tea, pasta, pizza, cake and sandwiches.

Yellow Hauz is located along V. Mapa and Mabini Streets, Davao City (besides Mabini complex in Malvar). Telephone number: 2822178.

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