Perfect Christmas Present

When one of the items in your Wishlist at Christmastime becomes so real!

Burberry bag replica 
Descriptions: Light tartan design with two metallic leather handles and nickel buckles, top zip closure with a  patent trim and one interior zip pocket and two interior patch pockets.

In 2008, I became extremely fascinated with Burberry bags because of its very unique feminine, sophisticated and delicate tartan design. Tartan, a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multicolours, is closely associated with Scotland, one of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom, because it is often used as part of a Scottish kilt, a knee-length skirt. British male royals often seen wearing a Scottish kilt when they are in Scotland. 

What made me more fascinated with Burberry brand is the fact that it is one of the companies which hold a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of Britain and her son and heir, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales (A Royal Warrant holder refers to a company which supplies goods or services to the royal court or certain royal family members). Burberry supplies shoes to the British royal family.

Burberry is a luxury British fashion brand founded in England in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. Aside from bags and shoes, the company also manufactured accessories, clothing and perfumes. But I am only fascinated with the company's bags not with other product lines.

Since 2008, every time I make a wishlist, Burberry bag is on top of my list. Three years on, still my wishlist remains a wish. Just two weeks ago, I created another batch of my wishlist hoping Santa Claus will finally read it (lol!), again, Burberry bag is included, though not number one anymore as MacAir is my latest obsession (hmmm...has something to do with Steve Jobs).

I counted many more days, then a week...and finally...yeah.. everything just happened. I just couldn't believe it! I know I cannot afford even an imitation because it would cost me lots of troubles (with my budget) if I would force myself to buy one, I'm not really "maluho", I am easily contented with what I have.

Then one day, no, one afternoon, approaching evening I guess, when I am on the verge of losing hope to own at least one item in my wishlist....Santa Claus made his surprise journey to the Philippine soil hehehe! While talking what items I would like to receive this Christmas, with a bargaining agreement in-betweens and, oh well, multiple choices, the conversation steered to "what specific item" I would really want.

Afraid to court irritation and annoyance from the other party, I suddenly blurted the, uhmmm... "bag"!with a matching childish giggle and well, it's-up-to-you defense mechanism...then held my breath for any criticism (I was expecting a worst scenario of another round of arguments), then I realized why I spurted the word?I was ashamed and wanted to retract what I had said but too late to take it back...

Then the conversation went sailing into a quiet sea under a very cool and relax weather. I loved that episode because it felt like I was a child again haha!You know when you're being asked by your mama or papa what kind of toy you want to receive at Christmas as a gift and you have only to select one item? It's a bit confusing because of a constant fear of "what if I pick the wrong item which I would regret later?". Yeah, the feeling was something like that....It took five long minutes before I blurted my "want".

I was so overwhelmed, extremely happy!Lots of blessings and lots of good news this Christmastime. So many reasons to celebrate!

To the generous Santa who made one of my wishes so real:

Thank you for making my wish come true ^_____^ you're the best with a kindest and purest heart and I couldn't thank you enough for all the generosity you'd given....Hope you'll be blessed more with lots of resources in life and strength and excellent health! Good graces from heaven and happiness always....


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