Kerygma Conference

Attending Kerygma Conference this coming December 3, 2011 at PWC, Davao City.

This will be the second time that I will attend KCon. But last year was terrible, I did not finish the event, I went home at 11:30 am and did not return due to some resentment I felt. It was appalling to continue sitting there when deep inside something was revolting so I decided to return home before lunch time. That was pretty bad. But this year, uhmmm, I hope it would be different, I hope I can endure whatever I will going to "witness" there.

I've been a Kerygma reader since 1997 when Bo Sanchez was still single (hehe), I bought his first book published in 1999 "You Can Make Your Life Beautiful", a compilation of his "The Boss" section articles in Kerygma magazine. 

I am fascinated the way he preached and the way he reached out to people. Though charismatic is not a bonafide program of the Diocesan and my father, who is serving the Catholic church as a lay minister for more than 40 years now, is not really in favour of it since Diocesan has genuine parish programs like Family Life Apostolate and Family groupings (every Saturday), I would still prefer to spend precious time with this kind of spiritual activity than roam elsewhere.

I am very lucky to be raised up in a strict Catholic environment. I grew up accompanying my father to the church rendering his service as a lay minister, conducting "celebration of the Holy Word" (Holy Mass can be celebrated only by the priests and deacons), giving precana and prebaptism lectures and he is quite strict when it comes to Catholic church rules.

I read the blogs of Bo Sanchez from his personal site and learned so many lessons from his sharing especially during the time I was emotionally down. I hope to benefit spiritually from the upcoming KCon.


In as much as I wanted to attend KCon, it is quite impossible now because I have classes in the graduate school every Saturday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. Too bad

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