Charlene's Predicament

Charlene wore an exquisite ivory satin wedding dress when she wed Prince Albert II of Monaco on July 2, 2011. Her elegant gown is adorned with 40,000 Swarovski crystals and hand-embroidered with gold and pearl created for her by Italian fashion maestro, Giorgio Armani

The newly created Princess seemed in deep trouble. So I heard through a grapevine.

Controversial stories regarding the "attempted runaway" of Charlene Wittstock days before the royal wedding are now appearing in the news. Oh my!!maybe her unhappiness can be attributed to those mother of pearl tear drops embroidery in her bridal gown. I am just wondering why pearls are included in the design when superstitious belief warned bride not to wear any pearls on her wedding day because it implies bad omen.

Well, uhmm...the story goes like this: 

A French newspaper, Le Monde, reported that Charlene Wittstock was heartbroken upon knowing her Prince has another illegitimate child born 18 months ago, if this is true, this would be the third illegitimate child of Prince Albert, so it means that even after they announced their engagement, the prince still continue seeing another woman! So that's where the hesitation and annoyance of the former Olympian came from.
Tears and sadness during the church ceremony.

The future Princess was reportedly booked a one-way flight to South Africa weeks before the wedding but she was cornered by the police and had her passport confiscated upon reaching Nice airport. But an official statement from the Palace of Monaco denied this allegation. Whatever the truth behind this latest scandal involving Prince Albert, the sadness was reportedly evident in Charlene's eyes at the wedding. She was so emotional and cried several times at the ceremony and looked very unhappy and stiff.

This is quite upsetting since they just got married and should be in their bright moods for their romantic honeymoon getaway. Whether this is true or not, Charlene by now, truly understood what it's like marrying into royalty, she must endure Albert's playboy image in exchange of the comfort, privilege, wealth and glamour that comes with being a Princess.

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