RMPC Beach Resort

RMPC Beach Resort at Sunrise
A perfect holiday getaway!

Located at the picturesque Island Garden City of Samal (Davao province) RMPC Beach resort is one of the most tranquil holiday get away destinations I ever visited. Its idyllic location below hills with cottages almost covered with verdant plants ensures privacy and quietness. Each air-conditioned cottage with a bathroom is good for 5 persons.
Sparkling turquoise water at RMPC Beach

I’d gone there twice and the place has several improvements already. Its ivory sand, sparkling turquoise water and sprawling playground made me yearn to go back there once more. The seaside is more fascinating, you can relax at the sugary sand with out fear of being toasted under the heat of the sun because there are several large trees protecting the area.
Cottages at RMPC

At night, the surrounding is more calm and romantic you will only hear the splashing of the waves and the chirping of the birds because there’s no blasting sound coming from a videoke bar (unlike other resorts). The soft breeze coming from the mountain and the ocean is more gentle and soothing, you may choose to take a rest at the foyer of the cottage or at the seaside.

Its ground has a basketball court, there’s also a special area for volleyball aficionados. RMPC beach guarantees fun and leisure because it has a function hall to cater special celebration.  The spacious area can also cater any games or charades because of its large space. What I love most about this place is its quietness at night, I can sit at the nearest tree and relax while listening to the gentle splashing of the waves without any blasting sounds and enjoy the rest of the night talking with friends.

When I joined my colleagues last year for an overnight stay at this resort, we had a great time together, sitting at the oval bench under the Talisay tree. We brought foods and rice cooker and personally cooked our meals so it was more relaxing and fulfilling. 

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