What I'd observed at the Royal Wedding

I tried watching the royal wedding yesterday at Studio 23 but it was cut due to PBA games, so I waited for the re-broadcast at The Royal Channel courtesy of the BBC news. Finally this morning, I was able to finish viewing the whole event and super enthralled with the magnificent presentation of the royalty's ancient ritual of pomp and pageantry, though less-than magnificent compared to the glittery ceremony of William's parents' wedding in 1981.
The couple's public kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the ceremony. After the wedding they will be known as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

William's wedding was not the first royal wedding I viewed via Youtube. I'd watched the video files of the weddings of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson and Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones. But this latest royal wedding is more unique because I'd seen it live through BBC coverage, much have change for the past decade. Back then, royal brides were traditionally transported in a glass coach all the way to the church, but in yesterday's wedding, the bride traveled through a Rolls Royce Phantom VI, one of the royal collection cars kept in the Royal Mews, which was badly damaged several months ago during the riot in London when demonstrators became wild throwing heavy objects everywhere. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall traveled with this car when it was smashed by stones or rod or something by demonstrators, crashing its windows which almost hit Camilla.
Prince Harry and Prince William upon their arrival at the Abbey

I'd seen several V.I.Ps and foreign royal members at the Abbey wearing fabulous designer's hats and dresses. Lady Gabriella Windsor is beautiful and gorgeous as ever. I love the Queen's hat and dress, super yellow, very neat to the eyes. The Queen's husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, who will turn 90 this June, wore the same military suit as William, a crimson Irish guard uniform with Blue Sash of the Garter, he still bore the same charisma and appeal, I saw him winked while teasing Prince Harry at the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Prince Harry is super irresistible in his splendid army uniform, I noticed that he is more handsome and charming than Prince William! I admired the calm and quiet composure of the bride's father, Michael Middleton, he looked so humble, relax and dignified as he ushered his daughter to the altar. The foreign crown heads I saw who wore their military uniforms were the King of Norway, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, the Duke of Brabant (Prince Philippe, the heir-apparent of King Albert II of Belgium) and the Prince of Asturias (Prince Felipe, son and successor of King Juan Carlos of Spain), they are both cousins/nephews of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Only Prince Albert II of Monaco did not don military regalia.
Lady Gabriella Windsor, daughter of the Queen's cousin, Prince Michael of Kent
Prince Harry of Wales, the most irresistible royal family member

Kate Middleton's bridal gown (designed by Sarah Burton of the Alexander McQueen fashion house)---ivory satin in a laced applique' bodice and sleeves with full-skirted sillhouette and a flowing train---is elegant, classic and stunning but it didn't compliment her appeal. I don't know but this is just a personal observation. She looked so old and mature wearing that dress, maybe the trouble was in her hair and eyebag. It seems she did not sleep for ages, her fine lines appeared prominently and her messy, curly hair damaged the front view of the design. It could be more appealing and gorgeous if she held her hair in a bun around the veil and the tiara. I don't like the appearance of her mother too, she looked like a school principal going to a field demonstration.
The multi-tiered wedding fruit cake served at the reception
Another dessert served at the reception. Chocolate Biscuit Cake, especially requested by Prince William, created by McVitie's Company with ingredients coming from the Royal Family recipe at Windsor Castle. This cake is said to be the favourite dessert of Her Majesty which she usually ate during her afternoon tea break.

There's one thing I'd noticed in this royal wedding, I don't know if hair rebonding can only be found in Philippine salons or if Filipinos are naturally conscious about hair especially attending social gatherings, but I'd noticed that the Middleton girls did not care much about their hairstyle. I mean, c'mon, is hair rebonding not a fashion trend in Buckleberry, Berkshire? I'm always distracted with Kate's hair because it looks as if it is heavily battered with thunderstorm elsewhere. Why she did not exert some effort to go to a salon to have it rebond? Her sister Pippa's hair too is also full of curly locks and so with their mother who seemed did not let her hair trimmed in the parlor....hmmm..maybe it's part of their unique style..anyway let's leave it that way. But Pippa was so gorgeous in her white sheath chiffon gown, she wore light make-up which made her looked delicately stunning.

Anyway...one thing I liked about their wedding is the multi-tiered cake and chocolate biscuit cake, it looked super delicious and yummy!haha...I got the recipe of the Chocolate Biscuit Cake from one online source, but I am not sure if I can bake it perfectly as it looked in the photo.

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