Scramble Rumble

Cool and mouthwatering food concoctions for a splendid party experience!

I remember exploring the site of the Middleton's Party Pieces with so much amazement after the announcement of Prince William's official engagement to Kate Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Though I detested her to be the future Queen Consort of England because of her non-aristocratic background, I admired how her family had put up an ideal mail-order-party business for children which eases the burden of parents' dilemma on what luscious food to prepare or how to organize a memorable party. The attractive packages, cute cupcakes and delightful marshmallows swathed in chocolate dips and fruit syrups, the balloons and all those fantastic stuff for kids, made Party Pieces one of the most sought-after party destinations in England.

Now back here in Davao City...

There's one fantastic trend also of oh soooo yummy toppings that made my eyes gleamed in excitement. Scramble Rumble offers a fabulous choices of delectable concoctions in Chocolate or Strawberry flavours. The package covers a minimum of 50 persons.

The concoctions are fantastically appealing and mouthwatering which will surely allure and entertain children, even adults will love and enjoy its delightful taste!

Choices of Toppings:

Choco Syrup
Strawberry Syrup
Blueberry Syrup
Choco Sprinkles
Assorted Sprinkles
Mini Mallows
Choco Kisses
Rice Crispies
Fruit Loops

Turn your party into a unique moment of fun and pleasure with these sweet and scrumptious concoctions!

For more details how to place order, please send your inquiry to:

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