End of Fairytale

Why the wedding of Prince William and his commoner girlfriend is being sensationalized by the media as if it is the most important thing in the world that could save the world from the global crisis?

Though, I  posted several entries in my ROYAL WORLD blog about their upcoming wedding, I am not totally drawn with their union, the only reason I followed the event is because Prince William is a royalty and my royal blog talks about European royalty, and it is just very logical to include his wedding event. But unlike other people, I am not fascinated with his non-aristocratic bride-to-be.

I've been a royal watcher for nearly 20 years now. I am one of those royalists out there who strongly opposed the inclusion of commoners into the royal fold, this personal displeasure is probably shared by most conservative royals in the European royal court. 

Andrew Morton, biographer of the late Princess of Wales, Diana, said it more blatantly: "Drafting commoners into the Hanoverian (the British royal family) tree proved to be very disastrous". But why Prince William chose a commoner future wife? My analysis is simple: The future King made it clear that he wanted to steer the rigid system of the British monarchy into a normal surrounding, closer to people, choosing a commoner woman as his future consort would further lower the barrier that divides commoner and royalty and perceive to be more acceptable to the subjects. 
Kate Middleton during one of the fashion shows she participated at St. Andrews University where she and Prince William attended college. Hardly a decent picture of a dignified future Queen Consort

Prince William's decision to take a commoner wife means the end of the fairytale. The only reason people become fascinated with Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, is because "they are not among us", they exude charm and mystic, and we thought they are demigods, therefore worthy of adulation. But when  "one of us" joined their exalted circle, naturally we don't feel the same degree of admiration.

Many commentators explained that William's bride would not create the same impact of public acceptance and adoration like that of Diana in the 80s and 90s. Much have change for the past 30 years. The reverence of the crown had slip since the royal divorce that most of the people became disillusioned with the romp of royalty. Moreover, the surroundings and people's concept about fairytale in 2011 are not the same as those of 1981. Miss Middleton should not be compared to Diana because unlike her, Diana was born of noble blood and a descendant of King Charles II, moreover, Diana was raised comfortably in a large estate and her family was part of the upperclass of Britain. The Middletons are simply none of the above. It's a totally different world.

Anyway, I am more excited and happy with the upcoming Beatification of Pope John Paul II on Sunday, May 1, 2011 than the status elevation of this commoner woman on Friday. But I will still be watching the event via The Royal Channel at Youtube because it is a royal event and no amount of fury about this social climber Middleton can stop me from watching the ceremony. I will be checking the royal members and not her middle class family.

The future family tree of the British royal family will be dominated by commoners and non-aristocrats pedigree, tainting the mystic of royalty. Now, I am no longer interested to dig their roots. The union of Prince William and this commoner woman will finally tear the last strand of prestige of the British crown.

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