Valentine's Day 2011

Today is another Valentine's Day. Sweet roses are everywhere and Chocolate (though I hate it) sounds like a national food. Fancy restaurants and hotel cafes offer romantic dinners for lovers. 


While the rest of the world is swathed in red, I will going to paint my world with an innocent color, icey pink--sweet, fresh, cool and vibrant--because I want to believe that magic still exists in a world of make-believe.

I celebrated the past Valentine's Days with my closest friends, but this year, I want to spend it alone with my laptop and books in my room. Lots of case assignments and writings to do, so instead of dining with friends and talk about frustrating things in life, I'll just spend the rest of the night in writing while dreaming positive things and what's-coming-ahead.

I am also tired scribbling my sentiments so I would never make any journal entry about Valentine's 2011. Never. I am lost of words. I cannot think of any phrase to write, maybe my brain is already tired composing the same rant and complaints every Valentine's day. Last year, I was able to release my emotional baggage through blogging, this time I am just tired doing it, so I would leave it this way.

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