First part of December

I always love writing. Every minute of the day when I am not busy and just resting in my room ( of course I cannot rest), I'll pull my journal and scribble every event and emotion I had...I just love writing... So here's what happened in the first part of December.

December 1 (Wednesday) - so frustrated because I wasn't able to attend the mass at the Cathedral. I made a promise last year to attend the mass every first Wednesday of the month but this second semester I have a class at the graduate school every Wednesday.

When I enrolled last November, I was supposed to free my Wednesday evening but then again, there was no other schedule for Marketing Management subject and I need to take this subject now to enrol global marketing next semester.

Anyway, I love this subject because it purely talks about business, consumer behavior, global economy and money, lots of money hahaha! I enjoyed listening to my professor who shared so many business tips, he talked about marketing research endlessly and I love research and hope to work in a research company someday. My professor, Dr. Danny Te, is the current program head of Addu's Business Administration, he is also a past President of Philippine Marketing Association-Davao Chapter.

December 2 (Thursday) - I had a terrible headache because I wasn't able to eat breakfast, my head throbbed intensely but I had to report to work because I don't want to consume my vacation leave, I plan to enrol next summer. Despite my condition, I still made an effort to attend my Management Accounting class at 6:00 pm because I don't want to miss the discussion and the case assignments. My headache subsided around 10:00 pm.

December 3 (Friday) - Doing some research for my assignment in Ignatian Leadership for Managers subject. We're going to report tonight the Vision, Mission and Goals of the Philippines for the next 50 years. But I am a little bit sad today because I couldn't attend the Christmas Party of the Davao Bloggers Community tonight at the B3 of NCCC mall because I have a class.haaaay! So busyyyyyyy..I finally decided also to follow the Thesis track of MBA, I want to work in a research company afterwards.

December 4 (Saturday) - I will be attending our Advent Recollection today which will be at the Kerygma Conference, Bangko Central ng Pilipinas, Davao City. Don't know what to expect, except that I am happy to listen to Bo Sanchez's lecture and sharing, I am anxious to know some "other matters" which made me super restless.

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