Outing with Davao Bloggers

Wohohooo!I recently joined the unique group of bloggers -- the Davao Bloggers Community--and last night was my first outing with the group. My friend and colleague, Kathy Dacanay who had been with the community for several years now, introduced me to the group, wheew!

It was nice, we met at the Jose Rafael Coffee shop at Lanang at 7:00 pm, after our informal meeting where we talked about our blogging activities, the nature of our passion and on the upcoming events, activities and work shops and plans for blogging projects within the city and all through out the Philippines

We proceeded to the Davao TLC shop along Nova Tierra, a Korean shop for kikay accessories, facial creams and other women stuff. The store owner, Ms. Joeanne Agarano, offered us freebies so I picked several items including sunblock, facial creams, body wash and hair wash!

We talked about the importance of this community, the support from different members and how to establish ourselves in blogging. So the group decided to take one focus this year---BEAUTY, FASHION AND WELLNESS---because these topics are the latest trend and hot items in the blogging world and lots of establishments are willing to sponsor different activities related to these areas.

It was really a fun-filled activity with the group, I had a chance to meet other bloggers in Davao. I went home arouind 10:15 pm and gosh!my schedule was totally wrecked!argggh!I was supposed to work on several manuscript editing and research on Corporate Social Responsibility for my Business Economics report. 

But I had a great time with the group, I learned lots of things from them, tips on how to revitalize blogs and how to maintain the enthusiasm of my writing passion. I learned lots of "kikay" stuff too from Ria and Brendel, nice tips!

I am excited to join the community's next activities, there will be many workshops, blogging tour escapades and meetings. I am also excited with the Mindanao Bloggers Summit, hope this event won't overlap with my schedule at work and grad studies.

I am very thankful for the warm acceptance of the community. I am very inspired with the sharing of Ria Jose on the advantages of being bloggers. Haaaay!Now I want to buy a domain to get serious in blogging! Anyway, the group said we should have at least one primary blogsite.

Photos of our bonding and night out will follow later. I am still waiting for Lea to tag the photos on FB!

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