John Paul II's Beatification

One of the three big posters of Pope John Paul II in my bedroom 

At last, one of my wishes will finally come true.

Since his death in April 2005, not a day goes passed without remembering his legacy, his humility and great influence to humankind and how his life's story had touched me so deeply. Pope John Paul II was an amazing Catholic figure/World Leader. I always looked up him as one of my greatest role models in life. I always think of him whenever I am in deep trouble.

In the late part of 2009, I experienced the most painful circumstances in my life, the intense humiliation heavily damaged my self-confidence. But nobody understood my sad plight. Day and Night, aside from asking help from God and Mother Mary, I prayed to the soul of the great Pope asking his guidance to soothe my troubled spirit, crying so intensely in front of his posters in my room, begging his intercession and mercy.

Then the miracle happened. I'd never been so relieved in my life after praying, it feels as though someone had touched my heart and pacified my humiliated spirit. It felt as though somebody lifted me from the emotional turmoil I'd been through that I quickly accepted my defeat, my wisdom had increased massively. Life after all is not about sweetness and happiness, sometimes it can be the other way around. 
Pope John Paul the Great

The Pope's memory had helped me understand that suffering and pain are not people's enemies. He alone suffered a lot while growing up in Krakow, Poland during the terrible period of World War II, nothing more painful than waking up each day realizing you'd no immediate family to rely on, but the great Pope carried on well, understood that the sad circumstances of his life were part of his life's mission and God's will in order for him to serve mankind and be an inspiration to others. That's when I realized that the pain I experienced was just so little compared to the pain the Pope suffered when he lost his parents and only sibling before the age of 21.

Upon reading the news that John Paul II will be finally beatified this May 1, 2011, my spirit seems floating with happiness, it feels like all my loneliness and sadness are removed in my system. Beatification is the last step before sainthood, meaning sooner, under the law of the Catholic church,  I can officially name him as my patron saint. One of Pope John Paul II's greatest accomplishments during his tenure as Vicar of Jesus Christ was the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe.

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