A lesson from Zucks!

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, tied the knot with long time girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, last May 19, 2012, a day after Facebook made its IPO

So inspired with life!

I was right, I only need enough space and time to relax --- and a little change in diet--- to combat stress and tensions. I also tried to discard anxieties, disappointments and frustrations out from my system --- something I've been moping for the past years --- it will come to pass I know and that's part of being human so I learn to live with it and darted my attention to things that matter most in life. 

Yesterday, May 22, 2012, I just stayed in the house and seated in front of television after taking lunch, waiting for Chief Justice Renato Corona to appear and testify before the impeachment court in the senate to answer all the allegations that had been thrown to him.

At 2:30 pm, I began to fidget in my chair, exasperated with Corona's  long opening statement, I thought it would finish before 3:00 pm as he kept on saying "sandali na lang to". But to my irritation, his monologue lasted for more than three hours!And the worst part is, he was not cross-examined because he left the senate hall abruptly, I was extremely pissed off with his arrogance!

Okay, so today, I finally resumed to my boring work and catch up with my blogs. And wow!Found out that the 28 year-old Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, wed his longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, last May 19, 2012. What surprises me most is on how the billionaire organized his wedding. It was a very low-key affair only, imagine despite his billions?

The wedding took place at the backyard of his Palo Alto home with less than 100 guests invited. The reception was only a cocktail party reception just like my favorite wedding reception idea AFTERNOON TEA PARTY!. Read the wedding news of Zuckerberg HERE.

I was inspired with his frugality. See?He is a billionaire, he could have a million-dollar wedding affair, but he chose to organize an exclusive, intimate gathering. I agree with his planning and decision, why we should have a big wedding when we can have a practical ceremony with less stress, burden and cost? Read the creative idea of having an AFTERNOON TEA RECEPTION HERE.


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