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I created another blog again! This time it's about wedding preparations, how to handle the planning and organizing without resorting to professional planners and organizers. In 2006, I started writing a wedding script, silly as it was, but I was confident I could take a trip down-the-aisle before the year of the metal tiger arrive. But as what other fairytale stuff would have it, destiny decreed otherwise....

So before I would trash my wedding script, I decided to post it to share what I learned from the experts. Well, the idea of planning itself is fascinating, it allows creativity to explore the wonders of daydreaming. Most often than not, I maximized this gift. Well, I often treated this as a gift. To be able to write something unique, much more a wedding idea journal, is always a fantastic gift from God.

Now I will make use with this gift....rather than spend every minute of my life in remorse and frustration why everything turns out badly with my fate (where I am carefully planning what's best for my life), I would focus more on writing....writing stories that are hard to tell...writing as if I am living in a perfect world.

The moment I created a wedding blog, I finally accepted the possibility that I might not be able to materialize the vivid details I wrote in my wedding journal, I might not be able to find a right man for me, that I am created alone...that I must face the sunset of my life...alone...nothing more painful than knowing that I couldn't apply the things I read from books and the things I struggled to rehearse and learn half of my life....the things I learned from reading finishing school books for infants and toddlers, the things I learned how to nurture a family...and so on..

Nevertheless I am glad God gave me a peaceful existence, wisdom to accept things wholeheartedly and good health to continue doing the things I should suppose to do. Life is always wonderful...absolutely wonderful even if I will be living it alone.

Some of my wishes in the script I wrote:

Motif --- Pomegranate
Wedding Theme ---- Renaissance Theme
Reception ---- Garden Cocktail Party
Time --- morning ceremony

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