What's in My Tea Cup?

What's in my mind? What makes me smile in a day? How do I keep going despite bad days at times? These questions, thought of peace and stability, are what contain in my tea cup.

I often think about peace, unity and love. The thought of a quiet life always strikes in my mind. I want to live in a place where serenity reigns.

So what's in my mind now?
Thoughts of a fulfilling and peaceful life ahead. I want to discard notions of worries and fears. I just want to live life one day at a time.

What makes me smile in a day?
Knowing that my parents are safe and in good health back in the province is enough to draw a huge smile in my face.

How do I keep going despite bad days at times?
Faith. Strong relationship with God keeps me going through the day.

So, what other things you can find in my tea cup now? 

First is the long list of things and wishes I want to receive, afford, acquire, fulfill, achieve and accomplish before my energy wears off.

They say that things can be easily achieved if we want to stay focus and carefully plan our steps . So I won't sit around and wait for falling debris to smash on my head. I should get on with my ass and make things happen. And pray hard. The power of will and intense prayers are perfect combinations to get what we want in life. So I will claim and declare it verbally to attract positive results.

So here, I'll be listing down some of my desires and dreams in life. Some items are larger than life and might be too unrealistic but isn't God is bigger than our problems and worries?

The strikethrough items are the one I already accomplished.

  • Finished masters at Ateneo de Davao University (2013)
  • Publish a book
  • Buy a digital camera for my travel adventure
  • Visit a derm clinic for another collagen mask facial treatment
  • Establish an e-business site
  • Establish a party planning and gift shop business
  • Learn French Language
  • Own a pair of pump shoes
  • Buy a pair of double C dropped earrings
  • Own a small house with a beautiful landscape
  • Acquire a small farm
  • Buy a class A Vacheron Constantin watch
  • Buy a Mac Air netbook
  • Treat my parents into an out-of-town/country trip
  • Take a short-term course in baking and culinary
  • Take on a pilgrimage tour either in Jerusalem or in Rome
  • See/visit the tomb of Blessed John Paul II in Vatican City
  • Get married
  • Have children
  • Home-school children applying the finishing school concept
  • Plan a family leisure trip abroad
  • Join an internationally recognized blogging community
  • Actively participate in any blogging conference/seminar/social events in the country
  • Earn an accolade/recognition of being a blogger
  • Make blogging a lifetime career
  • Buy an independent hosting and domain for my travel site
    • Travel abroad before 2013 ends 
    • Hongkong and Macau travel (2013 June)
    • Singapore and Malaysia trip
    • Thailand trip
    • European tour
    • Boracay (2013 July)
    • Palawan
    • Camarines
    • Ilocos Region
    • Travel to South Korea to see the Cherry Blossom trees
    Second is the list of my favorite entries in this blog:
    • Living One Day at a Time
    • Random Questions
    • My Travel Adventure
    If you wanna ask me what's my favorite entries here, I can count many posts and one of these  posts is LIVING ONE DAY AT A TIME dated September 13, 2013.

    I also love answering Random Questions because it makes me smile and laugh and unveils the hidden part of me, the true me, I love answering questions from corny, silly to serious stuff!

    I love traveling too! My greatest dream is to travel around the world and see the beauty of the environment, explore and discover things beyond my station and learn from it. My Travel Adventure site records all my travel experiences and discoveries.

    If you haven't read my Living One Day at a Time post (though I shared the link above already), I'll repost some part of it here.

    LIVING ONE DAY AT A TIME (dated: September 13, 2013)

    "We are like Tea bags, we don't know our real strength 
    until we are in a hot water" - Sister Busche

    My gaze flitted far away, up to the beaming horizon, multifaceted thoughts shrouded my mind once more. The day started just right. Quiet. Peaceful. Relaxing. The soft breeze rustles beneath the leaves. The rays of the dazzling sunshine ascend beyond the clouds. Blinking slowly, I knew it was not just about the bright spark of the morning sun that lured my glance and uplifted my spirit, it was more of the thought of anticipating an exciting career.

    Since deciding to come to Manila and take all the risks I could possibly imagine in the whole world, I know I am up for something more challenging. I've matured enough and finally reached the barometer of my emotional security. I hardly cried at the slightest mishaps, I never complained at petty failures. I discarded my fear of what's-coming-ahead. I stopped moping why it seems I am forever stuck in one corner. I'd come to a point where I treated each misfortune and "down moment" as opportunities to improve, to learn and to redesign my purpose and mission in life. I let chances dance with me and allow myself to experience pain to find my balance in life.

    I just want to live one day at a time without any rush, without any pressure, without forcing myself to grapple with destiny. I want to take steps wherever my feet drag me. I am simply tired putting myself in the hands of time. For the past years, it felt like I am living according to other people's expectations, as if I existed based on how they want me to be. It's time to let the current of circumstances flow, I will just swim with it and see where the energy would bring me. I will no longer allow failures and disappointments to overwhelm and suffocate me.

    Life is a game, I will just play it tougher this time. If there are lessons I've learned from this journey, it's the essence of patience, determination and humility. I know I am destined for a fulfilling life so I won't quit. I will just have to do my best and trust God. I know He prepares something better for me, I am sure about that. He is a great God who knows every longing of the human heart.

    Often times I go to sleep thinking what I would be getting the next day, the anticipation makes the last minute of my conscious hour softer and calmer. In the morning when I wake up, a space of beautiful thoughts for a bright day ahead opens up. The soothing aroma of hot green tea helps me overcome the morbid notion of tribulation and trial. In between sips, cells in my brain invigorate and revitalize my optimism.

    Tomorrow will be another day and everyday brings new aspiration. Life is absolutely wonderful. A beautiful journey that should be lived wisely ^____^

    “Happiness is like a butterfly
    The more you chase it the more it eludes you
    But if you turn your attention to other things
    It comes and sits softly in your shoulder”

    -       Henry David Thoreau

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