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Quiz trivia offers two things: Knowledge and entertainment. And this book covers both learning and entertainment. This makes you embrace the world of trivia as one of the most fascinating ways to enrich knowledge. Created for fun, learning and discovery, the purpose of this book is to provide the readers with a unique experience of answering quiz trivia and acquiring new knowledge without losing enthusiasm. This will take you further to the world of amazing learning and discovery.

Preview of the sections:

  • In 2014 listing of Fortune’s “Best companies to work for” which among these entities came in third after Google and SAS?
A. Boston Consulting Group
B. Johnson and Johnson
D. Procter and Gamble

A. Boston Consulting Group - Boston Consulting Group or BCG is a multinational management consulting company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It has more than 80 offices in over 40 countries. Founded by Bruce D. Henderson in 1963, the firm’s primary service offered is advising clients on business operation decisions.

BCG consistently included in the top 10 list of Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work for”, moving up to the third spot from its fourth position in the 2013 ranking. The company also received a perfect score on Corporate Equality Index for the past six years from the Human Rights Campaign. 

  • I married Richard I of England, “the lion heart”, however, I chose to live in Anjou, France, making me the only English Queen Consort who did not set a foot in England. Who am I?
A. Phillipa of Hainaut
B. Isabella of Valois
C. Margaret of Anjou
D. Berengaria of Navarre 

D. Berengaria of Navarre (1165?-1230) – Presumed to be born around 1165 or 1170, Berengaria was the eldest daughter of Sancho VI of Navarre, she married King Richard I of England for political alliances. The marriage took place at the Duchy of Anjou in France, a French property inherited by Richard from his father, Henry II.

Berengaria was traditionally known in history as the only English Queen Consort who never visited England because during her husband’s reign, she never set a foot in the English soil. She did visit England after her husband’s death to see her brother-in-law, King John, who cut off her pension. 
  • I am the only current Queen Consort in Europe that has a noble ancestry. Both my parents descended from aristocracy and my maternal grandmother was a Princess from the illustrious Polish noble family. Who am I?

A. Mathilde  d'Udekem d'Acoz 
B. Maxima Zorreguieta
C. Letezia Ortiz
D. Mary Donaldson

A. Mathilde  d'Udekem d'Acoz   – She was born on January 20, 1973 in Belgium as the eldest child of Count Patrick d’Udekem d’Acoz from the Walloon noble family and Countess Anna Maria Komorowzka from the illustrious Polish noble family whose mother was a Princess from the Polish-Lithuanian princely family.

Mathilde, who became Queen Consort in 2013, obtained her Speech Therapy degree at the Institut Libre Marie Haps in Belgium and her master’s degree in Psychology at the Universit√© Catholique de Louvain. She married Philippe, now the King of the Belgians, in 1999.

  • Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975, owns which National Basketball Association’s team?

A. Portland Trail Blazers
B. San Antonio Spurs
C. Boston Celtics
D. Indiana Pacers

A. Portland Trail Blazers – Paul Allen owns two professional sports teams, the Portland Trail Blazers in the National Basketball Association and Seattle Seahawks in the National Football League.

Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft in 1975 with Bill Gates. He left the company in 1982 and ultimately resigned from the board in 2000. He founded Vulcan Inc., a company that manages his business ventures and philanthropic activities.
  • Which country is farther from the Ring of Fire?
A. Canada
B. Chile
C. Philippines
D. Iceland

D. Iceland – The Ring of Fire is composed of hundreds of active volcanoes found on the land near the edges of the Pacific Ocean. It is the result of plate tectonics and the movements of lithospheric plates. It stretches the boundary between the plates under the Pacific Ocean and the plates under the continents around the Ocean.

The Ring of Fire runs along the West Coast of South and North America particularly Chile to Alaska, down to the East Coast of Asia and continues down past New Zealand. Iceland is a country in Europe and although composed of volcanoes and its plateau is characterized by lava fields, Iceland is far from the Ring of Fire. Almost 90% of the world’s earthquakes come from the Ring of Fire.

  • Which among these medical syndromes often called by doctors as apical ballooning syndrome?
A. Brugada syndrome
B. Broken heart syndrome
C. Blind loop syndrome
D. Burning mouth syndrome

B. Broken heart syndrome – Yes, strange as it may seems, but apical ballooning syndrome is also known as broken heart syndrome. It can be attributed to the heart’s reaction to a surge of stress hormones. It also called takotsubo cardiomyopathy or stress cardiomyopathy.

People with this kind of syndrome usually experience a sudden chest pain, thus, they often think they will be having a heart attack. This is treatable however and the condition would be gone in about a week.
  • Which among these conditions is recognized as the main cause of Gestational diabetes in pregnant women?
A. Hormonal changes
B. Blood pressure
C. Heredity
D. Nutrition imbalances

A. Hormonal changesCommonly occur in all women during pregnancy, hormonal changes often trigger gestational diabetes due to the increased levels of certain hormones made in the placenta which may interfere with the ability of insulin to manage sugar. As the placenta grows larger, it produces more hormones and increases this insulin resistance.

The mother's pancreas produces more insulin, about three times, from the normal amount during pregnancy to overcome the insulin resistance. If, however, the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to overcome the effect of the increased hormones during pregnancy, blood sugar levels will rise, resulting in gestational diabetes.

  • Which fictional character means “Son of the devil”?
A. Vampire
B. Dracula
C. Werewolf                                             
D. Zombie

B. Dracula – The creator of this story was Bram Stoker, an Irish novelist. It was speculated that Dracula was loosely based on the sadistic nature and vampirism tendencies of Vlad III of Wallachia now part of Romania. During ancient times in Transylvania, Dracula means son of the dragon.

Vlad III’s father was known as the Dracul, which means Dragon, because he was a member of the Order of the Dragon, an organization used to protect Christianity in Eastern Europe. However, in later decades the name dragon was replaced with “devil” due to the vicious crimes of murders and tortures committed by Vlad III during his reign, thus, Dracula is define today as “son of the devil.”
  • This book was supposed to be the sequel of The Hobbit and not Lord of the Rings but when Christopher Tolkien brought the script to the publisher, it was rejected, so he presented Lord of the Rings instead. Which of these books was supposed to be The Hobbit’s original sequel?
A. The Music of the Ainur
B. The Silmarillion
C. War of Wrath
D. The Rings of Power

B. The Silmarillion – This fantasy novel was part of the Middle Earth stories of J.R.R Tolkien. It was edited and published by his son, Christopher Tolkien, in 1977.

This book was intended to be the sequel of The Hobbit, but when the Christopher Tolkien brought the draft to the publisher, it was rejected without even reading the story, thus, he presented another Middle Earth story and started writing the first chapter of the book which would later be known as The Lord of the Rings.

  • Who among these British monarchs was involved in a Royal Baccarat Scandal?
A. Edward VII                      
B. Edward VIII
C. George V 
D. George VI

Edward VII – He had a record of involving in various scandals before his accession to the throne in 1901. The royal baccarat, which happened in 1890 at Tranby Croft, Yorkshire, was just one of these controversies.

The scandal was reportedly started when Sir William Gordon-Cumming, a lieutenant colonel in the Scots guards, was accused of cheating at baccarat card game where the Prince of Wales was one of the players. Edward was summoned to court to stand as a witness. This event was believed to have affected the reputation of the future King and the monarchy was thoroughly scandalized with his court appearance.
  • Who among these monarchs 
A. Simeon II of Bulgaria – Simeon II is the son and successor of Boris III of Bulgaria, his mother was Princess Giovanna, daughter of King Emmanuel Victor III of Italy. When Simeon was six his father died, the country ruled by three regents in his name, but two years later, the Red Army of the USSR invaded Bulgaria and executed the three regents.

Simeon, his mother and sister were forced to live in exile, they went to Egypt. However, he remained a monarch. In 2001 he returned to Bulgaria and formed a political party, National Movement Simeon II, the party won through a landslide victory during the parliamentary election making Simeon II the only European monarch to win a Premier set in a general election. 

  • Who was the first recipient of the Nobel Prize award for Physics in 1901?
A. Johann Jakob Balmer
B. Albert Einstein 
C. Pierre Curie
D. Wilhelm Roentgen

D. Wilhelm Roentgen – He was a German physicist who won the first Nobel Prize award for Physics in 1901. He discovered X-Ray in 1895 when he did an experiment on the external effects from the various types of vacuum tube equipment.

It was through this experiment that he noticed the invisible cathode rays caused a fluorescent effect on the cardboard screen. Unsure what to call these unknown rays, he used the mathematical term for “unknown variables” X, hence the name “x-ray”. This discovery gave Roentgen the Nobel Prize award for Physics. Today, he is known as the Father of diagnostic radiology. 
  • Executek was one of the first names considered by the founders of which famous technology company?
A. Microsoft
B. Oracle
C. Apple
D. Google

C. Apple  – According to the biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson, when Jobs and Steve Wozniak were looking for an ideal name for their business in 1976, they considered many names, including Executek and Matrix, but hesitated to pick any of these as none of it sounded appealing to the technology market.

Steve Jobs proposed for the name “Apple”. When asked about the legend behind the name Steve Jobs revealed, first, they could not think of any name that sounded marketable, second, it was because at that time he was on a fruit diet, third, he had a close Buddhist mentor in California who owned an Apple farm. 

TRAVEL AND GEOGRAPHY: Where in the World?
  • We are now taking a short drive to the port of Dover and take a two-hour ferry ride across the English Channel and visit the city of romance, Paris. Here, we learned a story about Eiffel Tower, originally, the imposing structure was not intended to be constructed in Paris by its designer, Engr. Gustave Eiffel, but in another location. In which European city Eiffel Tower was originally planned to be built?
A. Rome
B. London
C. Frankfurt
D. Barcelona

D. Barcelona – Eiffel Tower, arguably one of the most recognizable structures in the World, is France’s ultimate national symbol. The tower, which stands 1, 063 feet on the Paris ground, was designed by Gustave Eiffel, a French Structural Engineer and businessman. Eiffel Tower was built for 1889 World’s fair in France.

However, it was not originally intended by Eiffel to be built in France, he first presented his design to the people involved in the Universal Exposition of 1888 in Barcelona, Spain, but rejected. Eiffel moved back to France and presented his draft to the organizers of The World’s Fair of 1889. 
  • Today is the start of our New England trip, dropping by at the insurance capital in the world. This city is also famous for its many splendid classical buildings and cultural attractions, particularly, Wadsworth Atheneum, the nation’s oldest public art museum, and Aetna headquarters, the world’s largest colonial revival building. Where in New England are we now?
A. Montpelier
B. Concord
C. Boston
D. Hartford 

D. Hartford - This city is the capital of Connecticut, bordering Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York. Hartford is an international insurance hub, housing some of the largest insurance companies in the world, particularly Aetna and United Health Care. Aetna, the largest colonial revival building in the world with an imposing Georgian Tower, is located around the Asylum Hill.

Hartford offers tourists with some of the best travel experiences, especially cultural attractions, world-class dining, museums and parks. Bushnell Park, located around the State Capitol, has relaxing scenery of nature with its verdant plants, rolling lawn, fountains, sculptures and a historic carousel. Other attractions in Hartford include Armsmear, the famous home of firearm manufacturer, Samuel Colt, which is designed under the influence of an Italian architecture, and Mark Twain house.

  • Hundred Years of War was fought only by which two European countries?
A. England and France 
B. France and Scotland
C. France and Germany
D. England and Germany 

A. England and France – world historians cited several reasons why this war between England and France lasted for more than a century. The war, which was initiated by King Edward III of England, had three main reasons: territorial disputes, political alliances and French throne succession, the animosities passed through many monarchs, inherited by their descendants and settled by many truces and peace negotiations.

England recognized Charles VI as the legitimate French King at the Treaty of Troyes in 1420. But Edward’s great grandson, Henry V, resumed his claim, igniting the conflict again. Tired and weary, Charles VI, finally agreed to a peace treaty allowing his daughter, Princess Katherine, to marry King Henry V whom he made his successor. However, Henry did not live long to wear the French crown, he predeceased his father-in-law by seven months.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte, the ambitious Corsican general who became Emperor of France in 19th century, abolished the Holy Roman Empire in 1806 and dominated the continent, upsetting the balance of power in Europe. His excessive ambition angered the four Great Powers that they joined forces to defeat him in the famous Battle of Waterloo. Which year his defeat took place?
A. 1814
B. 1815
C. 1816
D. 1817

B. 1815 – Napoleon Bonaparte was a Corsican general earlier trained as an artillery officer. When he invaded France, he declared himself an Emperor. He dreamed to increase territories for France by armed conflicts and peace settlement with other Great Powers. He reduced the numbers of German states comprising the Holy Roman Empire and merged smaller units into larger ones.

During Napoleonic War, he defeated the last Holy Roman Emperor, Frances II, and effectively abolished the empire in 1806. His excessive ambition to dominate the continent, which upset the balance of powers in Europe, prompted the other Great Powers-Britain, Germany and Russia- to join forces and defeated him in the famous Battle of Waterloo in 1815. He was captured and exiled to the island of Saint Helena in the Atlantic Ocean.

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