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I started blogging in 2007 and since then I created several blogs to segregate the topics and distinguish it to a specific niche.

You can access links of my blogs below.

CASTLES IN EUROPE - Showcasing the most romantic and spectacular castles and palaces in Europe. Here, I featured the best of the ancient world about Europe's most fascinating royal structures.

CONSUMER'S REVIEWS - My personal reviews on the products and services I tried and tested. This is my way of sharing to the public my personal experiences on the products' benefits, advantages and precautions.

DEW OF NATURE - Official site of my organic soap business. I posted entries here about the health benefits and details of our soap products. I also wrote detailed explanations.

GLOBAL AFFAIRS - My blog about current world affairs, about richest people in the world, business and investing. Although currently this is now merged in this site.

HOME LIFE WITH JOYCE - Everything about home life. Featuring fabulous home designs, landscape I got around the internet. Health and Beauty tips and cooking style.

MY TRAVEL ADVENTURE - This is the new home of my Travel Blog.

PARTY ESSENTIALS - Useful guide and tips in party organizing.
ROYAL WORLD - This blog is the result of my fascination towards European monarchy. Entries here are based on my readings and research about royalty.

TRAVEL AND LEISURE - Blogs about my travel, featuring the places I visited and the most romantic and luxurious resorts and landmarks around the world I dreamed to visit. This site has a new home (see above My Travel Adventure).

WEDDING ETIQUETTE - Everything about wedding manners, not just for the bride and groom but for the guests as well. Entries here are based on my readings about wedding celebrations and etiquettes from different wedding magazines and online articles from the experts.

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