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This is a free site for Royal enthusiasts. Please feel free to share your views and opinions about European royalty. Kindly click the "comment" button for posting your comments. It is nice to have a good place for all royalists (and even non royalists) to hear and read each other's opinion about the same topic we love to talk about. 

Hope to meet other people with the same passion about the monarchy and royalty. This site is just about anything in a day for European royals, writing my personal views about them.

Most of my official posts about the European royalty can be read in my other royal sites ROYAL WORLD and ROYALTY FASHION AND STYLE

I am a traditional royalist and I've been doing extensive research on European monarchy for the past 18 years since the time I was fascinated with the late Princess of Wales.

Please maintain decency in all your comments and sharing. Thank you very much!