About this blogger

Hello everyone!

I am a blogger from the Philippines and very proud to be called a "royal watcher" :-) I've been reading books about European royalty since I was 15. I find the circumstances of their lives very amusing at the same time mysterious. Back then, monarchy was surrounded with myth and charm, only little information about their private lives was shared to the public so everyone was mesmerized with their privilege and existence.

My fascination towards royals started when I read the sad circumstances of the married life of the late Princess of Wales, Diana, her loneliness and her struggle to maintain her composure despite pressure in her environment and her own battle of rejection. I was surprised to know why the Prince of Wales turned against her so terribly despite her glamour and beauty and chose another woman not in the same league of Diana's beauty.

Until I found myself so enamored with the history of royalty. I'd read almost all books related to the history of European monarchy including the ancient wars they fought. My eyes would lit up every time I see books related to the monarchy.

My favorite royal couples are Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh his wife Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, Juan Carlos of Spain, his wife Queen Sophia, Ex-King of Greece Constantine II and his wife Queen Ana Marie because they both married into royalty.

I hate when royals married commoners because as a traditional royalist I believe that the only way to preserve the charm and prestige of the crown is to marry a fellow royal. I belonged to the old seat of royalists (like the days of King Edward VII) who despised having commoners in the royal fold.

Taking a commoner spouse made them no more like ordinary people and the status and glamour of being royals eventually lost.

But no matter what happens my fascination with them never lost even though in the present time none of the future European crown heads married fellow royals. A sad reality.