Do you have a long list of things you want to accomplish/achieve in your lifetime? Here are mine...

Everyone of us contemplates something useful or remarkable to achieve or accomplish before reaching the sunset of our lives. Whether it is just as simple as learning to plant flowers in the backyard or as grand as traveling to Europe and see those breathtaking hilltops around the Tuscan region, these dreams of achieving things are part of our life's bucket list.

We are humans capable of building dreams, thus, creating a life's bucket list is always ideal. This serves as our guide everyday to work harder to dream more and to make things happen. This also serves as our inspiration to live life beautifully. Without dreams and these items in the bucket list, it's very difficult to be inspired with life and to get on the right track without traces of regrets.

Preparing a life's bucket list for me seems to be one of the most relieving things to do because it inspires me more to aim high and work harder. It serves also as my guide to traverse a more sensible road and to give answers to the question "Where's my Life is heading now"


Plant a tree

Grow flowers in my own backyard

Own a small house with a beautiful landscape in the countryside

Go to Vatican City, see the Pope and visit the tomb of St. John Paul II

Write a book about European Royals

Submit a manuscript for motion picture/TV series

See my name in a movie credit

Appear as an extra in a movie or TV series

Take a foreign trip once a year

Visit Camarines Sur and Albay

See historical houses in Vigan and Ilocos region

Take a road trip to La Union or Clark, Pampanga

Take a summer holiday trip to Palawan 

Probably visit Boracay again

Spend SPRING in a country with Cherry Blossoms

Experience AUTUMN in New England region

Visit Central Park in New York City

Experience WINTER anywhere in the world, even once

Learn Ice Skating

Learn to bake pastries

Put up a profitable online business/site

Learn to trade online in Stock Market

Contribute articles in magazines

Find a travel buddy who has the same interest as mine

Fall madly in-love

Get married and have children

Buy my own DSLR

Sit by the seashore at dawn and wait for the sunrise to come

Spend the beginning of the year in another country

Sit in the river bank during full moon

Spend afternoon walks with someone in the countryside

Road trip to Tagaytay on weekends

Visit Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay or Green Canyon in Clark, Pampanga

Take pictures with celebrities

Attend a concert on special occasion like Valentine's day or Christmas season

Create a tall Christmas tree 

Start a family Christmas tradition of 12-days special moments

Experience the thrill of riding the London Eye

Go back to Siem Reap city and take million of pictures of its 
breathtaking green surroundings and all those ancient, big trees!

Spend a month visiting EUROPE!

Spend a quiet weekend in Tuscany region in Italy

Wander around Scotland

Visit Cornwall in England

Visit Cambridge University in England

See the old house or garden of Shakespeare in Stratfod-upon-Avon

Stroll around Windsor Castle or Althorp Estate

Visit Alnwick Garden in Northumbria

Marvel at the breathtaking Iguazu Falls in Paraguay

Go around the beautiful beaches in Greece

Walk among the ruins in old European cities

Work on a research study about European monarchy


Learn to prepare and cook Japanese Maki

Build a library in the house

Learn to write a hilarious book

Buy an imitation of Vacheron Constantin watch

Pamper myself in a spa, saloon and Belo's clinic

Watch a Broadway or West End musical

Take my future kids to an amusement park

Create special food menu for my future husband

...And this list continues....

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