Early Morning Idling

It's 3:00 AM! I just finished polishing the last 20 chapters of my book and it's quite fascinating that I still have enough energy left to surf the net :-D I'll wait until exhaustion compels me to jump off my bed.

While aimlessly clicking several links in the web, I came across a community where writers, agents, editors and publishers meet and share experiences, publishing stories and everything about the ups and downs in the writing field. I learned a lot from the stories and tips in honing the craft!

Then something hits my mind. Updating this site! It's been a while since my last post. So while I was gathering thoughts what to say here, I re-read my previous posts and the page section, and I am now cringing big time haha! 

Yaks! I've so many grammar blunders and bad feeling posts hehe!

Alright. When you are writing a blog post, the first thing that always comes in your mind is to tell a story, making it perfect (no grammatical errors) only comes second and most of the time, I would not mind editing it because I am always running out of time. One of these days, I'll go over it once more.

And I shared so many disappointment in life here :-D. Yeah, that's what online journal is all about. To write it down to be relieved. It's crazy to think how I'd gone through with all those bad emotions. But it's normal, we all have to experience sadness, feeling of rejection and emptiness of all shorts, maybe due to biological cycle. But once I can spill it out through writing, everything becomes alright and I am very motivated again. 

As time goes by, and as I mature, I learn to find balance in life whenever emotional mayhem hits me. And always believe that today might be a bad day but tomorrow things will get better.

I am revising my two non-fiction books and this will take like ages. And I still can't commit one hundred percent, I am still editing my book. I've so many "to-do" stuff to accomplish!

How time flew so fast.

It's past 3:00 AM it's really time to take a break.

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