Literary Festival

One of the rarest occasions in the country where a festival for readers and writers is organized, but in as much as I wanted to attend I am stuck right now with tons of editing stuff for my debut novel. I need to finish this task before the end of this month so I am home-bound for the whole week :-D 

I am also working for the new editions of my two books, Tragedies in the Royal Court and Timeless Charm of Saigon and Vietnam, so it's impossible for me to go out even for one day. So sad to miss this very rare opportunity.

For everyone who may want to attend, Philippine Readers and Writers Festival will be held at the Raffles Makati from August 26 to August 28, 2016, admission is free. Registration is at 8:30 AM, Books of guest authors will be available onsite during the event. Hopefully, next time I can attend the event, not only as a reader but as an author :-D

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