Writing a Synopsis

Alright, it's Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday (yesterday, April 21). I should be writing something about Her Majesty in my ROYAL BLOG. She reaches the age in which none among her predecessors in the history of the British monarchy ever achieved. The closest was her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, who died in 1901 at the age of 81. But the current British Queen is 90! Such a rare milestone! And at 64 years on the throne, the queen surpasses Queen Victoria as the longest-serving British monarch in history.

But haven't wrote anything about Her Majesty. I am too preoccupied with my own reverie. Pondering how to improve the first five chapters of my book, The Red Star Tattoo. So many aspects to improve and develop before re-sending queries. My brain is muddled up with so many ideas and concepts and scripts.

However, my time table for this project seems catching up with too many entanglements. First, I cannot seem to stick with my calendar.of research and submissions. Second, it seems I am stressing out myself too much, worries about my script, things that might go wrong, the idea of rejections. Third, I should be sticking with my priorities -- writing a perfect query letter and synopsis.

I am re-writing my query letter now. But seems could not find my momentum in polishing the synopsis. It's funny to think that after completing the 340 pages of the book, I've a hard time writing the two pages of the synopsis. Haha! 

Writing a concise synopsis that rocks seems to be the most tricky part in a manuscript submission. It should be written briefly and in style. It tells the direction of the story, the highlight of the book and the most interesting twist that hooks readers. Most often than not, it is where the literary agents judge your capacity as a writer, the flow of your thoughts and the value of the book itself. 

So I am carefully writing the synopsis of my book now, concentrating and pouring all my time, commitment and energy to this tricky part of the submission process.. I hope I can come up with an attention-grabbing piece. My book is now complete. I have so much fate for this project, I am confident this will leave a mark in the suspense genre. 

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