Life has so many whys.

Why indifference and change transpired in ways we never thought would happen?Why there are stuff like “almost” and “has-never-been”? Why acquaintances often never go beyond hi and hello?  Why there are things that cannot be sustained in friendship, relationship? Why we can’t have forever? Why relating never last? What made them turned away from us?

Over and over again, the same story of rejection keeps repeating like a broken record and lots of people can relate with this. Then the whys started repeating. What’s wrong with us? Why are we often thrown out? Why people refused to know us better? Why it’s difficult to live and fit in a society that defines comfort and success on a monetary level.

The most difficult part of absorbing all these whys is insistently looking for answers why it occurred which made the whole thing more complicated. But answers are so remote that it is better to just stop analyzing the situations and get on with life. The sad truth is, everything in this world is so temporary even if we are trying our best to hold into it. Sometimes it is just so tiring to think about all the might have been.

Eventually, things change, people change, connection loses its strength, relating disappears and  everything becomes just a fragment of imagination maybe because life is constantly moving towards different directions. One thing we are part of the routine, the next thing we’ve been removed because it goes to a separate orbit and revolves into someone else’s axis. It’s quite sad, having to wake up one day and find out everything has change and we're back to complete strangers. Effort becomes so useless when we no longer capture the interest.

With all these whys in life, it’s no wonder at times we felt so very miserable with ourselves, buried in loneliness, and stuck up in a self-defeating thought that we are losers  because we have been dumped and forgotten and failed to sustain whatever is there. Then your mind started asking why it had to turn it that way. Self-pity crawled in, submerging us deeper into frustration and wretchedness.

Life has so many in-betweens and the more we try to understand and read between the lines, the harder it gets and the more confusing things would become. Yes, life could never get easy, we do have issues, we suffered a lot, we have troubles, people slip away, others reject us because we are not the “ideals” they are looking and we cannot offer them something valuable to sustain the future, we would be eventually judged because we failed to follow the norms dictated by the society.

It’s quite tiring, trying to absorb all these complexities in life . So stop analyzing things,  stop seeking reasons, stop insisting with circumstances because it’s pointless. Why bothered what other people think? Why moping over failed hope just because someone has turned away? Why drowning ourselves with distress just because others cannot simply accept the real us and what we only have?

Life is either tormenting or exciting. One thing we are inspired and on top of the world because someone appeared to have treated us nicely, the next thing we are sorely depressed because that someone turned out to be just like anyone else who slowly disappeared in our horizon. There are really instances in life that the one we thought would be our strength, is the one who would turn us down. But life is wonderful to think about rejection and angst. It has to move on.

If we let these things penetrate our system and deflate our concept of self-worth, we would end up like trashes, brooding over our lost dreams, ruining our days and destroying our self-confidence. Life is what we make it and the future depends on how we approach the present and how we want to fight our own battle not on how others want us to be. If others cannot fully accept us of who we are, we should not fret, instead, we have to get up and keep moving, we cannot force people to like us, somewhere along our journey, we would eventually meet nice people who would accept us unconditionally.

God is good. He knows what’s best for us and to whom we should start relating, He prepares someone better to take part in our lives, someone who would truly understand the very core of our existence, of who we are despite our shortcomings and scarcities, someone who would not look on earthly labels - success, achievement, standing in the society, soaring career - someone who would consider us as gifts from God rather than mere humans. It may take longer than expected but trust God for His time is always perfect.

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