It's been a while

OMG! It's 12:30 in the morning!

My 14th straight night that I have no proper sleep due to tons of editing endeavors in my scripts. Need to finish everything this month to finalize my queries. But I love what I'm doing! Writing whole day, taking a break for just an hour then resume again. Usually I'll retire to bed at 4:00 in the morning, yikes! But I love it!!! Nothing more is fascinating and fulfilling than be immersed in my passion. It always brings a different surge of excitement in my system. I feel so young and happy!

And due to my super duper busy schedule, I almost have no time to visit Facebook! And to my friends who maybe wondering where I am right now, well, I am here in my blogs. Just send me a message privately and I will get back to you. I don't have much time to connect with anyone in FB. After checking private messages I will leave my personal account then concentrate in the pages of my sites. I don't have much time to check the newsfeed because if I have to do it then I will be stuck there and unable to finish my work.

Got so busy with polishing and editing so many manuscripts for submission to different sites and hopefully to some publishing companies. 

And finally! Tragedies in the Royal Court is done. I've been working with this book for about a year now, so many intricacies and facts needed to be rechecked before sending the final copy. This is a hardcore history and I don't want to be slighted for dishing the readers with wrong facts. Hopefully, I can market this locally, I'm preparing a query to Philippine bookstores!

Still checking my other scripts where to fit the submission. In the coming weeks, I will work on building links and other strategies for my sites. 

Haaaaay! So many things to do and my days are really fully packed. Need to check my time table every now and then so as not to miss anything. I am strictly following a certain schedule to fit everything before taking my next adventure in life!

So help me God!

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