The Quiz Master II is now Available!

If you enjoy answering fun quizzes and consider reading trivia an exciting way to enrich knowledge, you will most likely find this book enormously useful and valuable. 

This book is created for fun, learning and discovery, providing readers with a unique experience of answering quiz trivia and acquiring new knowledge. This is the second and updated edition of The Quiz Master: The connoisseur of information. 

The categories and questions are still the same but there’s a bonus trivia section that has been added to make the process of learning more enjoyable. The photo trivia section also has additional features and information on other landmarks has been improved. 

The bonus trivia section consists of mixed categories covering different fields of interest, from general information, memorable movie quotes and capital cities. The Quiz Master: The connoisseur of information, second edition, will take you further to the world of amazing learning and discovery.

Please get your copy now, this edition is currently available in Amazon, check this link of THE QUIZ MASTER II


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