Where's the jest in life??

In as much as I wanted to update this blog everyday I simply cannot do it due to my work routine. Haaist! One of the most frustrating things in life is when you have no longer time to work on stuff you love doing, it feels like freedom had flown and being curtailed, it feels like I am no longer breathing the kind of life I always wanted to live.

But I am finding ways to make room for my passion, hope to find a place where I could take a regular job while having enough time for writing. Hope I could be given an opportunity to be a contributor. I am planning, well, seriously planning to get back into online content writing.

During weekend, I always make it a point to spend time working on my sites and do blogwalking to other sites to get inspiration. And today, while blogwalking, I landed at Dork Diaries, a very simple way of expressing day-to-day stories, diary-sort-of-things, but it's so awesome! And now thinking to do the same thing but I know it's a bit impossible because I cannot post an entry on a regular basis.

So here I am making things up for the lost time...

My weekdays stories are always horrible. One thing I am inspired, the next thing I am irritated. Annoying things, people are all over the place and I am fed up with this kind of scenario, it's too much to my already worn-out spirit.

Well, some months ago, I finally realized the job is not really for me because my mind is always revolting something I never experienced in the past couple of years. I am just counting months, afterwhich, I'll figure out which way I should really go. Of course, I am always sure that my long term goal is to spend the rest of my life publishing books and writing. I hope I can find opportunities in writing because corporate world is not really for me. I find it severely exhausting and upsetting and I never see myself climbing the ladder of whatever success they are referring. How can I be so successful when my passion is on the opposite side of the spectrum? I hate their advises, it never sounds so helpful and relieving. 

So now, I am pondering hard, contemplating, focusing on things I really wanted to accomplish before taking into another career adventure. I felt I lost myself somewhere and the quality of life I always dreamed of seems went into drain. I need to find myself again, I need to reconstruct my dreams, my game plan, my focus, my drive.

Confiding concerns, worries, irritation, anger, longings in my journal is always a welcome respite because it makes me able to find courage and energy to hang on with my dreams.

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