Wafting a sweet aroma of the Holiday Season

To put things straight, November is not yet Christmas season based on the Catholic doctrine.

According to the Canon principles, the widely spread belief that Christmas season kicks at the start of September is enormously wrong. September to November can be considered the start of the Holiday Season but not Christmas.

Before Christmas season, Advent season comes first, this is the period where Christians wait for the coming of Christ, hence the term “Advent” and it starts on the first Sunday of December and ends on a Sunday before December 25. Christmas season starts on the 25th of December on the commemoration of the birth of the Lord and ends on the second Sunday of January during the Baptism of Jesus or a Sunday after the Epiphany (Three Kings).

Why I am talking this as early as today? Because Advent and Christmas are my favorite seasons in the Catholic Calendar. These seasons make my world so perfectly beautiful, as if there’s no sadness, no wars and conflicts, and I could see nothing but beauty and happiness. These seasons reminded me of my wonderful childhood in the province, the best years of my life, the magical days of innocence! Sometimes I would want to recapture those moments, but as we know it, life revolves and everyone should move on.

It’s been two years since my last visit to my home province in Surigao del Sur and I missed my family so terribly, but the distance and the tiring travel period prevent me to hit the road. It's so agonizing to undergo such punishing journey, so I will just comfort myself with some tripping-down-memory-lane rituals. The holiday season brings warm memories.

Since attending college and started working, I lived independently in the city but despite the exhausting energy of the holiday rush, I often made it a point to return home at Christmas and New Year to be with my family. But since moving here in Manila last year, I never got a chance to visit my home province. This Christmas would have been my chance but I changed my mind, instead I decided to book a flight for  VIETNAM, I don’t know what it is. but some weird thoughts just hit in. that I wanted to drift far away, to another land. 

I want to spend time alone with myself (though I will be traveling with my good friend, Rowena Tagaan) to sort things out, to figure out what’s best for my life, what things need to be kept and need to be fought for and what things need to be tossed away. Oh not that I am carrying a megawatt-mind-blowing emotional burden, but it came to a point where I need a total diversion, a sanctuary to rest my anxious mind and get on with life.

It feels like I am seeing my life all at once but in two different directions, at the grayest and at the sunniest, unsure where to fit those in-betweens. Would I be contented with what life has been offering now or continue edging myself to chase the tide of my dreams. Sometimes it’s so frustrating, trying to squeeze myself to fit in, but I've got to deal with it because life is happening now and not tomorrow.

I know what I am looking for. Exactly. I already figure it out. But circumstances would not simply give in. Maybe it's not yet appropriate. Or maybe my plan did not coincide with those from God. I'll just continue to hang on with my faith because God's time is always perfect!

Maybe God protected me so tightly that He does not want me to be left in the mud of suffering. My faith is always strong. I know I have never offended God in the most unimaginable way. In fact, I never gone yet to my first date haha! So funny, while girls in my age changed boyfriends as fast as they changed their FB profile or had already settled down, I am yet to discover the mystery of the birds and the bees :-D

It still baffles me to think that after years of making myself so intact, so pure, so careful with my journey not to tip on the wrong side of life, I am still stuck in this isolated road. Am I destined to sail alone into the sunset of my life? This thought often horrifies me but as years progress and as another Holiday season arrives, I slowly come to terms with my destiny that maybe I should accept things as they are and trust God, for His plan is better than mine, grander and bigger.

Maybe a little escape is what I needed to sort things out. 

What I would be expecting to spend the first bang of the year in another land? Nothing. I just want to find something about myself, if I can endure a very strange culture, a crowd that's hard to understand and an environment that is so laid back, just like stepping into a different world. I want to experience a travel that is worthy of a book and a story to tell.


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