Annoying Friday

Have you ever had that moment in a day where every minute felt like you aged a hundred years because of annoyance?

The day just started right but when the hour ticked to seven thirty in the morning I know I was in great trouble. I  could not exactly locate the address of Taguig Post Office in Lower Bicutan and undergone so many asking and inquiry episodes along the way before I reached the office completely wasted. Just so appalled with the delivery mode of Amazon, I never imagined they would let the customers picked the parcel. Oh no!

And my day went ballistic. Everything seems not right and my frustrations of being stuck in this odd environment resurrected and the angst I felt deep inside triggered. You know it's always like that, moment after moment, when I am being confronted with torment, something will deliberately creep in and everyone looks like a liability. Maybe because there's a vicious thought trapped inside my system that I am being treated unfair and devalued.

Towards the afternoon, one circumstance finally eroded my already-revolting mind, someone asked me if I could run errands. I finally exploded but said nothing. My stubborn streak flowed in. Oh God why such humiliation!

Isn't a clear indication of exploitation or abuse? I've been working for 10 years and never encountered things like this, blatantly flouting the limitations we should only be doing. It's a sign of going beyond the parameter of what is just and fair and usually than not I would never nod because it would make me appear like a complete fool for allowing things to go out of hand, as if I am an idiot who never know my basic rights, who never know the coverage of functions.

Even the maintenance could not just be grabbed with things not within their undertakings. Why on earth they think someone like us could just be thrust unto anything far way below the threshold of the job description? Aren't they aware with certain limitations on the roles we assumed? It's a bit frustrating and what's upsetting is, there's nothing I can do about it because it seems part of their culture. It crashes my spirit because I never expected to be something like this, I never expected I would be dragged with this kind of role.

It looks like my intention of switching career after obtaining my master's degree was not achieved. I got in the wrong place and dragged back to the basement of the career path I am trying to iron out. Am I cursed?

It pains me to know that I am just worthy of carting food. I know it's not part of the work package but others just closed their eyes and tolerated this, thus, the cycle of this supposed to be "out-of-hand" errand continues. And I cannot take it. Often times I wondered if I possessed an image where I am only good of tucking groceries. If ever there's something very humiliating attached to a low level position, it's running errands for others. It's simply repulsive and down right disgusting. 

I've so many disappointments and disillusions. All the while I have this belief this place is great, but no, it's so discriminating, the culture is bizarre, people are bloody snob, and they have outlandish practices and attitude. After months of contemplation, I came to believe this is not the kind of environment I am dreaming to retire. It had given me a wrong impression.

Towards night time, there's only one phrase that jolted from my mind "if you cannot stand the heat, then get out of room". Now I know what should I do next, it's time for the next adventure.

True enough, we cannot change the practices that had been entrenched in the environmental culture of a workplace, it's either go with it, defy it or get out from it....and it seems the latter is the most sane idea.

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