2014 Christmas Wishlist!

Every end of November I always prepared a Christmas Wishlist as a way of inspiring myself to work hard and get on with life. 

Since today is the last Sunday of November and the first Sunday of Advent season, here I am again, preparing my Christmas Wishlist, never mind if all these items remain a vivid dream, anyway that's what wishlist is all about haha!

2014 Christmas Wishlist:

1. Point-and-shoot digital camera - Any brand will do as long as it is 20MP! This is very useful as I am maintaining a travel blogsite. A digital camera is a must in my blogging passion to make my site ultra-competitive.

2. Bag! - This is always included in my wishlist every year. My fascination towards bag varies each year. In 2009, I like the Burberry design then on the following year my fantasy went to Chanel, then Michaela, but the funny thing, I've never bought one with any of these brands because of its pricey tag! So it remains in my wishlist.

3. McAir - That's why this is called a WISHLIST because we are free to list down everything we wish we can have. So I am listing down this dreamy, wishy, wishy technology. I am not fond of buying expensive gadgets, electronic stuff, in fact I am not obsessed with cellphone, ipad, ipod but McAir is different! It is very useful as I am doing writing stuff, my current netbook is mini HP and has been in my position for the past three years, luckily it is still working hehe! However, due to its pricey nature, McAir might be forever included in my WISHLIST until eternity.

4. Watch! - Oh I love watches!!! Aside from bags and shoes, my fascination is on watches more than any accessories, but because I am a wise spender and frugal, I never bought one with a price beyond my means. I am not an impulsive buyer, I think like a hundred times before spending my hard-earned money even if I absolutely love the items. If it's not what I needed at the moment and not included in my budget plan, I would never buy.

5. A pair of pump shoes - I like pump shoes, I recently bought a black pair but I love the nude shade but no plan to buy at the moment, maybe next year.

So it goes...My Christmas Wishlist for this year. Hope Santa can drop by in my place comes Christmas Eve hehe! Happy Holidays!!!

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