The Quiz Master: Be a connoisseur of information

THE QUIZ MASTER: Be a connoisseur of information is now available for purchase via, this book is available in two format: e-book and traditional print.


This book aims to provide readers with a unique experience of answering quiz trivia and acquiring new knowledge.

If you're someone who continue seeks additional learning but find flipping encyclopedia a bit boring or reading books and searching the internet extremely tiresome, well, this book is truly for you.

Created for two purposes: Discovery and Learning, The Quiz Master will take you further to the world of amazing discovery of information you did not encounter while still in school.

Carefully chosen from different fields of interest, this book contains ten categories with thirty interesting questions each.

What made this book extremely different from the rest of trivia books available in the market today is the way the answers presented. Each answer is elaborately explained in details to give readers  enough understanding on the background of the topics.

This book will truly help you develop your self-confidence, boost your knowledge and become a connoisseur of information. Stand up high! And get ahead among your peers with the new knowledge you will gain through this book.

Sections are presented in a unique format. European Queen Consort follows a story-telling scene while Travel and Geography is prepared in a world-tour guide approach.

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