How to Publish Books through Amazon

As with most aspiring writers who are eager to see the fruit of labor becomes available for purchase everywhere with no restrictions on territories, I decided to venture on the surest and most possible way to reach readers world wide --- publishing through

I worked for three years to create this most unique platform of trivia quizzes that would set apart from other trivia quiz books available in the market. My goal is to provide the readers with a distinct experience of gaining new knowledge. Learning is fun and the world offers different avenues of learning, quiz trivia is one. Initially, I wanted to publish it locally.

I began searching Philippine publishing companies that accept manuscript submissions, I found some, but could not decide which one to choose. I tried preparing a query letter to notify some publishing companies about my first book project, but it did not go beyond the hard drive of my laptop, I let it stuck for a couple of years because every time I check the policies and guidelines of local publications, my Quiz book seems would not fit in. 

Until I decided to submit it through Amazon, the world's leading online seller of all sorts of products , from electronic gadgets to apparels and books. Amazon also has a wide coverage of distributions making it a perfect place to penetrate the world audience.

Through Amazon platform, my book becomes available to global buyers which will increase a chance to boost sales. Not only that, since the world is now interactive and all stuff seems digital, Amazon has a Kindle store that would allow my book to be available in e-book format eventually reaching more readers, this is the edge of submitting to Amazon compare to local traditional publications which never offer an e-book version.

Right now, while sitting beside the window of the house I lived, pondering the weight of my decision in choosing the digital service of Amazon rather than the traditional local publication, I know I made the right decision.

So if you're an author too and contemplating to submit your manuscript for the first time to Amazon, check below tips based on my experience.

Here are steps how to successfully submit your book and be available in all Amazon outlets worldwide:
  • Ensure to finish and polish your manuscript
  • Review it carefully and proof read a hundred times to make sure it is free from errors and sounds appealing to your prospective readers.
  • Because Createspace, the print service of Amazon, does not recognize Fonts, you have to embed your fonts before converting your file to PDF.
  • Here's how to embed fonts:
    • In your word document, go to FILE, choose OPTION, check the "Embed Fonts" 
    • Make sure you will unchecked other items below the embed font box
    • Click SAVE, then go back to your document.
  • If your book will be printed in black and white, convert your pictures (if your book has it) into Grayscale. Do not use the copy and paste buttons when adding pictures, instead use the "insert" button.
  • Make sure your pictures are at least 300 DPI (dot per inch), as Createspace is very strict with the image resolution. Pixel is different from DPI. 
  • I got into trouble when I attempted to convert the images through Photoshop because it will change the pixel size of the image, so I downloaded Irfan View, which is better in re-sizing images into DPI.
  • Irfan View allows you to convert pictures into DPI without changing the Pixel size. Just open the picture, click Image then click "re-sizing", leave the pixel as it is, just change the DPI into 300 or 500.
  • If everything looks okay, convert the whole document into PDF.
  • Sign in for an account in Create Space
  • Fill in the necessary details in Member's Dashboard.
  • Add the title of your book. You can change as long as it is not yet submitted for a review.
  • Upload your PDF file 
  • You have options to create your digital cover or upload your own. In my case, I just created my book cover through digital solution of create space because it is a lot easier.
  • You will be prompted if the whole thing goes well or if it's not, there's an action required prompt that will appear.
  • If you will encounter trouble while undergoing the process of submission, reach out to their support team, they are quick to respond to your queries.

If you plan to make your book(s) available in Kindle store of Amazon, do not submit the PDF file of your interior (the body of your book) instead upload the word file. Your book does not appeal quite well when you submit it in a PDF file as Kindle seems could not recognize the formatting style of PDF.

In my case, I encountered several issues and mishaps in submitting my book, I think everyone would have the same experience if it's first time right? So I made several attempts and revisions.

The digital reviewer of Createspace anyway is very specific which part of the book needs revision. After I worked on it, I resubmitted the book and became okay after 24 hours.

There's nothing more fulfilling and exciting than to see your book becomes available in Amazon, so try it for yourself!


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