It's Game Over!!

I read this, uhmm, somewhat intriguing article from FORTUNE magazine "Your Boss Just Doesn't Like You" in which TIME magazine commented "Just don't leave your job yet, Here's what to do if your boss kinda hates you" blah, blah, blah.

I was perturbed with the pointers/advises presented, not that I am stubborn and myopic in thinking but because the main thought just doesn't make sense. Having a rude and arrogant boss who treated you like a dusted shelf in the workplace is unbearably distressing. Remember, happiness is a choice, fulfillment is a decision. If you just stay in the job just because of fear you might nothing to eat the next morning then you're in a deep trouble. No one dies in starvation right away, stress yes.

If you’re tied w/a certain bond, okay, that applies, but if not, and everyone is treating you like a doormat as if you're a service dog ready to take anything they commanded and they expect you must say nothing,  oh my God why the bloody pretense? 

It’s game over and it’s TIME for the next adventure, after all life is an interesting journey and there are plenty of wonderful things on the other side of the road. Discovery cannot be found in the comfort zone. Dare to take risks, discover your passion and work hard on it.  Those who won't, actually never live life at all.

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