Anxiety Overload

...That moment when we feel like we're ready to blast in displeasure!

The best recourse is just close our eyes and think about life kindness and take a long deep breathe and forget what we’ve been through the day, the clutters, the torment and the annoying people. It’s best also to dart our focus to other rosy and inspiring things in life rather than concentrate on the angst and disappointment, it will just damage our idea of a beautiful day.

Life has a tipping point of plus and minus in all aspects that is a fact. Bad days, good days, inspiration, frustration, happiness, sadness, fulfillment, dissatisfaction, success and failures, and it’s up to us how we will take it, the way we take it measures the level of our maturity and the kind of wisdom we have stored in our system. It determines how secure and grown up we are.

Each tipping point has its “in-between”, which could not be viewed as a hindrance to growth but a grace to live by. It might not be the thing we want to grasp at the moment but its significance has some tremendous contribution to the development of our whole being.

Well just this past week, the level of my maturity undergone a massive test and my patience was pushed to the edge of the wall. The toxic, demanding week was pretty awful, insecure, self-centered people became unbearable and the surrounding suddenly became tormenting, no wonder the final day went ballistic, rarrr!! But towards the end of the day, the level of my emotional maturity prevailed and I was able to view things logically.

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