Life's Quest

In life, people have different quests,  everyone is looking and striving to get that little big thing, no one entertains defeats because people expected us to rise above the stars. Society expects us to be more competitive and feisty, courageous and brisk, active and goal-oriented where failures and mistakes are not tolerated.

Everyone is racing with time. A person who will sit comfortably in a foyer waiting for the sun to fade in the horizon considers lazy with no life’s direction and someone who loves to chase butterflies in the backyard categorizes as stupid and idiot. The 21st century gives us a different definition of life.

Technology rustles, making everything instant, walking through a quiet, windy road is no longer relaxing and listening to the whistling of the leaves is no longer melodious. Technology averted it and suggested other ways. 

If you want to hear songs, try Youtube, if you want to relax and play, try Facebook, if you want to stalk famous figures, try Twitter, if you want to compile favorite images, try Pinterest. In fact, people who cannot find you in Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Digg or any social media platform, they will assume you are dead. The modern world pushes us to new and different challenges to overcome, more feisty, more ruthless. 

Are we up to the call of times? Or standing at the crossroad of life and taking the path we love to traverse?

Life can be difficult at times that even glancing at the rainbow with all its spectacular colors is no longer fascinating. Breathing a fresh, cool morning air no longer gives peace because everyone is busy with life, trying to catch the wave of success and happiness by speed. But are we really aiming our target? Or just too eager to arrive in our planned destination.

Consider this scenario:

One day you are standing in the train station, but you’re disappointed because you miss the ride. The station is dark and empty and you hate what you saw, there must be another ride that would take you away from that ugly station. Then you will be impatient but need to stand longer, staring in the empty space, hoping to catch the next ride because you thought everything has to happen perfectly. Then you realize, the ugly station is after all what you needed, but you ignore its presence because that’s not what you originally desire. Then one day the station breaks and the next ride is no longer possible.

Oftentimes, we are fascinated with the things that are not actually there or no longer there and keep ignoring the most precious thing that’s happening in the present because we always assume something has to come perfectly.

So what is really our quest?

It’s time to stop racing with time. It’s time to look around and take a break from the technology to appreciate life in a more basic pattern. It’s also time to recognize the things and people in our present lives who truly provide us inspiration, hope, care and attention, who really value us, than wait for another one to cross our path, chances are, the world might fall into pieces before the next encounter will happen. Do not wait for the next ride to pass by, the station might what you needed after all. It’s there, just waiting to be acknowledged.

“Don’t look and wait for love, look for a person. You may find love in a person, but not have that person. So if you look for love, what you will find is love. But if you want to belong to someone, and you want someone to belong to you, you should look for a person and love just flows. That person might just be around you.” 

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