Positive Outlook to face Another Year

I've finally grown up. Emotionally. 

I know it's not a phenomenon to brag on at the start of another year, others might find it completely nonsense and somewhat funny, but it's an assertion with myself that I finally get rid of those petty trepidations.

It's a personal confrontation. Like facing the mirror, looking at my real self, groping where those hazy feelings of burdens, fears, apprehensions and discomforts hid.

I've finally outgrown the fascination towards astrology. Back then, each new year I would scramble to search the internet how the stars and all those ancient symbols of horoscope would influence my fate, I would make frequent trips to the national bookstore to find books on tarot card readings, dreams interpretation and Chinese astrology hoping to get clear explanations why my life gone haywire. It's so stupid to think that I entertained these "little madness" when it's in direct defiance to my Catholic faith.

Positive affirmation. This is what I've come to realize at the start of the year. I don't usually make new year's resolutions, not that I am ineffective in following promises but I just feel it's a bit impractical. The classic tale about making new year's resolutions is that they don't outlast the hangover. So better not to. Life happens everyday and each task we get to accomplish is a work-in-progress.

I am more fascinated with the idea of a new beginning, a fresh start, another opportunity to hold a certain rope of hope and another chance to accomplish the things I neglected in the past year. This is the best time to make things happen with a correct attitude and focus. Oh God! How many times I uttered this line? Hahaha! But yeah, I've learned lessons in a hard way, hard enough to knock my senses out of the cocoon and pick my fortitude and passion to realize the things I've long been putting on hold.

This is the year I will see my star rises to the apex of my aspirations and no astrological predictions and charms and bracelets of fortune tellers can thwart my own visions. ^___^

For the past months I had mope over failed goals, regretted many things and embraced the succeeding weeks with so much compunction. But life do happens, sometimes in a way we never imagined or planned, in a way we thought a bit odd. But it happens and the only way to accept it completely is to stand up, figure out how to revamp the flop and trust God.

Why often times I felt things just swerve into different directions of my life?Maybe because I am always clutching this huge baggage of fears of what's-coming-ahead and too sluggish to pick up the energy of my determination, then there's the issue of the never-ending game of what-might-have-been.

This year I want to make a re-route. Hope the motivation I got somewhere and my disdain towards bully employers will stimulate my desire to make things happen. 

Got my hands full with several realistic goals. I am no longer afraid with failures. Life happens remember? And the only way to get out from it victoriously is to remove fears and establish a strong relationship with God.

...Of course, I will not take life too seriously. I'll find time to have fun, to enjoy the day, to do something silly and go into adventure and just be myself. And pray, pray and pray. 

I'll end up this post with a beautiful paragraph from Ricardo Williams's blog I read while blogwalking, here's what he said:

 "We spend so much time wondering about the unknown, delaying our decisions for the best available time or the better time.  Refraining from choice because the situation is not “perfect”.  Struggling and fighting a battle between our desires and our society; between what we want and what others think.  Between how we feel and how we “should” feel. 

Avoiding that so desirable moment because the timing is a bit off, or the planets are not aligned.  Because it is not “exactly” what you want; or should I say, is not the “perfect” situation you are longing for.  We seem to delay all for that future better time, when all will “magically” come together.

Don’t get stuck in those moments of life ineptitude that can last for days, weeks or even months. Find your passion, hobby, niche, look for the beauty in the most common things.  Embrace it and enjoy it.  Don’t  wait until the “perfect” time to talk to that person you are interested in or to say the “I’m sorry” that is long overdue.  Don’t take those times when the going gets tough, to lay down and dwell in misery, as each moment has a lesson to embrace and a purpose for your life.  Believe in yourself!
Nobody can guarantee that a future moment will come, where all timing will be perfect and everything will be smooth. At least not on this earthly life. So make the most of what you have now as you don’t know what will happen in the blink of an eye"
A blessed 2014 everyone! May peace, love and joy reign forever in our hearts to make this world a better place to live in. Cheers!!

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