The Royal Madness

Been so busy lately with lots of things. So busy that I rarely have enough sleep!

I'm writing an e-book! Finally I was able to spend enough time to work on it after keeping it for five years inside my mind. Got so inspired finishing the script after realizing I could never get anything from just moping in one corner. Felt like I was continuously struggling for something that's not there, searching for things that never answered what I was looking for.

Now, I am halfway finishing my first e-book project and so eager to publish it and hopefully be available to all e-book stores. I am eyeing four top e-book store retailers: Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Sony and iTunes. Hope God will guide me with this task and reward me with success and fulfillment.

The e-book I am currently working on has something to do with my fascination---Royalty. So I am writing about The Royal Madness hehe!

I had already published a quiz book two years ago but I pulled it out from the online bookstore of yahoo because I want to submit it to a local publishing company, I am working on it now and will concentrate editing as soon as I finish my Royal Madness e-book.

Life is great!

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