An Answered Prayer!

Believe me, God answers prayer in every possible way and that's the truth!

In my life, I had witnessed simple day-to-day miracles that others often forget to acknowledge, reporting to work on time even though I was stuck up in a train station for hours, narrowly escaping disasters, cutting off the line at the train station with just me being the last person to be taken in, waking up everyday with a very good disposition, maintaining that essence of youthfulness despite stress and tension in the environment ^___^. Yes, these are forms of day-to-day miracles we often overlooked!

I am a living witness that God answers prayer no matter how trivial or big it is. He is a loving God. You know, that big dream we thought could never be given, that little hope we thought would just remain a hope, yeah nothing is impossible with the Lord. He designed things for us.

Everything happens in time that God chooses, so continue praying, never lose hope, never lose faith because if something is really meant for you then it will be given. I always relied on prayers ever since in my life, no matter what it takes and no matter how hopeless the circumstances are, I always turned to prayers because somewhere beneath my troubled spirit, I hugely believe God never forsake mankind, that He listens to each longing, He reaches out to those who badly needed help. 

Once I heard this line from a friend: God is so good, He sometimes delays things but He never forget. Yes, that's it! And recently, another prayer came true. Just can't believe it's happening! Felt like God is just living in the neighbourhood, within reach. Oh God! Am I worthy of your Love and Affection? Yeah, I am extremely happy, truly blessed!!

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