Walking Around

Yesterday after work, I did another round of leisure walk along Taft Avenue because I was alone in the apartment and felt the silence in the house deafening, my colleagues were not yet home so I went out and did not know exactly where to go hehe! I felt tired going to Harrison Plaza or SM Manila so I just did some walking around the block.

I walked back and forth at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, marveling at its splendid Christmas lights and observing students how they behaved, they were smoking heavily even the girls! But they looked so awesome anyway with their bling bling and expensive accessories hehe!

I also began noticing the chic coffee shops and food chains around the area, I was not minding these establishments the past weeks because my thoughts flown elsewhere every time I passed here from LRT station, Starbucks Coffee, Seattle's Best Coffee, Coffee Bean Leaf, Kenny Rogers, Army Navy, Tropical Hut, Yellow Cab, Tokyo Tokyo, McDonalds, Mang Inasal, Jollibee, I thought of dining at one of the high-end cafes and food chains but had to reject the idea because I had no companion so I ended up finding my way to Jollibee haha!

While eating, I looked up and saw the LRT passed by, I noticed only few passengers, the thought of riding the LRT delighted me again because tomorrow I'll go home to Caloocan. Though the travel is very tiring, the thought of seeing our cute Kittens placates everything.

After dining and some contemplation in-between, I went home. It was only then that I noticed our apartment has no Christmas decors yet! Who would buy for us?Hehehe! Christmas decors always bring so many wonderful memories and I love glancing at the sparkling lights and the colorful ornaments, it somehow eases the pain of missing home this Christmas.

I am currently living in a compound composed of three apartments owned by the establishment I worked with, so my day is not terribly exhausting compared before that I used to commute daily and woke up early in the morning.

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