My Weekend Diary

I'm super excited now because tomorrow, November 24, 2013, will be the last Sunday of ordinary times in the Catholic Calendar, and next Sunday, December 1, 2013, is the start of the Advent season meaning Christmas is in the Air!!

But in the Catholic faith, it is still not Christmas season because Advent is different from Christmas. Advent means "preparation for the coming of Christ" while Christmas season celebrates the birth of Christ.

Christmas, which starts on December 25 and ends on Sunday of the Epiphany (second Sunday of January) is simply my happiest season of the year and no matter what happens in my day,  the thought of Christmas always inspires me and makes me giddy. But the saddest part is, I cannot go home to Surigao to be with my parents because I am here in Manila. 

My weekend routine includes going home to Caloocan from Manila comes Saturday afternoon. Then back to Manila on Sunday afternoon for work. I hate traveling on Monday morning because of the rush hour, heaving to the thick crowd for an LRT ride is so stressful.

A while ago, when I went home, I decided to ride an FX for SM Fairview instead of LRT because I intended to go to SSS Robinson-Nova (just in front of SM Fairview) but sad to say it was intensely raining and it was so difficult to cross the road under heavy downpour with so many bags in my two hands (I usually bring my "labada" to Caloocan on weekend hehe!)

So I went directly to jeepney terminal, just beside SM Fairview, and caught a ride for Camarin, Caloocan. I passed by at Puregold Zabarte to make some grocery, I also bought special food for Kitties!hehehe

It's always relieving to be at Caloocan on weekend playing with Kitties and experiencing stillness away from the neurotic scene in the office where I have a temperamental boss, grrrrr!

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