Last Week of November

I've been feeling a bit anxious these past few days, so many thoughts about life jumbled in my mind, so much so that I need to recharge and loosen up somewhere else to unload these burdens. Hopefully the coming week will provide me some peace of mind.

You know that feeling when you're very confuse, very restless and don't know exactly where that sort of "anxiety" came from? Questions have been knocking my mind "Do I go this way?Will I choose this, will I discard that, who to talk to, where I am heading, what tomorrow brings?" Goshhhh!So many confusing thoughts and questions fidgeted inside my tired brain.

The following week will be the last week of November 2013. Hopefully I can get a little peace of mind in the workplace. I want to get through with this month, I am more excited with December, so many great anticipation to look forward to, the Christmas lights, the Christmas holiday rush, the Christmas eve with lots of food, the Early Dawn mass and the overall Christmas feel of joy and happiness, oh I love it! Though I am deeply saddened that I cannot return home to Surigao this holiday season, I am happy to know that my parents and my brothers are well and okay, hope God continue to protect them and provide them with good health and comfort.

So what's up for the coming week?

Restless with so many things, I want some breather and a peaceful environment. Hope to find time to visit Tagaytay, I cannot wait to go to Sky Ranch where Sky Eye, touted as the highest Ferris wheel in the Philippines, is located.

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