Goin Home

How I love the thought of going home...

I've never been so sentimental of missing home, but now that I am living in Metro Manila the thought of going home is more attractive than marveling at the lively Christmas lights in the Metropolis. I felt the sudden yearning of being at home and experience its warmth and comfort especially this Christmas season.

Sometimes it's ridiculous to think that I am now appreciating the things I often neglected before. Life is ultra mysterious really, it makes us to turn 360 degrees in so many ways. Once I'd come across this inspiring quote "We appreciate things when they are done, we miss someone when they are gone, for it is always a mystery to realize the importance of something when it is already a memory". So true!

So now I'll just have to make it a point to enjoy my life here and be happy and count the good things over the bad ones to avoid being tensed. I make ways to breath at the beautiful scenery in my environment even if I am living in one of the busiest avenues in Metro Manila.

In the afternoon after work, I will walk around Taft Avenue infront of De La Salle University then cross to the other street and go window shopping at the Harrison Plaza near the Philippine Sports Commission and Rizal Football Stadium. It somehow eases the hollowness I felt deep inside. At night time I would join my colleagues in the living room of the apartment (where we lived) talking and sharing amusing things then retired to bed before 10:00 pm...

It's good to be home...even just in my thoughts ^______^

What's happening in the present depends on how we view life: "You can either be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of a treasure"So I choose to be an adventurer, it's more relieving than the idea of being a victim of the world. I would consider every mishap I encountered as part of the challenge of searching that treasure :-)

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