Recent Conflicts

The world has been battered with natural calamities, violence, conflict and misunderstanding recently that I rarely find light news in the media without hearing the details of the distressing crisis in the environment. I don't usually write post here related to wars and violence because I want to maintain the coverage of this blog to be limited only to inspirational global news. But I felt the urge to take part in current affairs of the nation is more pressing and patriotic than just share the recent ranking of world billionaires and top universities, so I decided to touch something about the recent conflicts in the global scene.

One of the worst news I ever read recently, something that really stirs my consciousness, is the political unrest in Syria, where at least close to 1,000 people had been killed in a chemical weapon attack last August 21, 2013, the horrifying and gruesome event prompted US President Barack Obama to announce his plan to do a military strike in Syria. The incident just came after the violent street protests in Egypt made international headlines.

Disaster after disaster, conflict after conflict, my God, is the world really gone mad? Okay, it's not the world but the citizen and leaders. Are we approaching the age of torment, terror and immorality? What happen to the future generation if the society is getting worst everyday?

And just when I thought my dear country would never experience such terror of war, a deadly conflict erupted last September 2, 2013 in Zamboanga City. Reports had it that members of the Moro National Liberation Front launched a kidnapping drama crisis in the suburbans prompting military forces to rush into the scene to rescue the victims and protect the affected areas. Attacks soon followed, using forces on both parties, igniting the conflicts. What made the situation horrendous is the enemy became so ruthless and sadistic using people as human shields and burning houses and establishments. My God!So inhuman!!!

The news that some members of the government troops are already experiencing hunger and exhaustion dismayed the public. The photos of soldiers asking and sharing meals in the neighborhood went viral that some netizen expressed disappointment and disgust on the situation. The AFP, through its twitter account, defended its position telling the public the issue has already been addressed and the President had come to visit the troops and distributed supplies.

I felt also saddened with the news that the military just ate "Lugaw". God!So frustrating....I sympathized with them, I just could not imagine the mental and physical exhaustion and the psychological trauma they undergone in the battle field and yet they were only fed with something not nutritious and energizing. It's so difficult to plunge into the battle ground, facing the bullets of the enemy and carrying heavy armaments with an empty stomach and disgruntled spirit. They should be given full support to boost their morale and uplift their spirit to sustain the battle.

Of course it's unfair to point fingers and attack the government and the AFP right away without assessing the whole situation. There are things that the we don't know anyway. Just give them time to iron out the plans, I am pretty sure the generals are not that naive to neglect the troops. They know what they are doing, let's just give our support and offer prayers for their safety, let's just wish also that the civilians are safe there.

Philippine President, Benigno Aquino III, visited the government troops in Zamboanga 
(Photo credit: Malacanang Bureau and the Official Gazette)
The President addressing the military troops
(Photo credit: Malacanang Bureau and the Official Gazette)

Just this morning, the Official Gazette released an article reporting the Philippine President, Noynoy Aquino, arrived in Zamboanga to personally assess the situation. He also visited the military troops and distributed supplies --- foods, drinks, vitamins.

I abhor chaos in the surrounding because it's always traumatic, it left emotional wounds to the people involved. I hate hearing wars and death and bloodshed, why peace, serenity, solidarity and understanding are so impossible to achieve?

PNoy distributed food and vitamins supplies to military forces in Zamboanga City
(Photo credit: Malacanang Bureau and the Official Gazette)

Insurgencies had been the Philippines' greatest concern since the marshal law era, the government tried vainly to prevent armed conflict by establishing peace negotiations with rebels and other adversaries but to no avail, it worsened as time goes by. 

My prayers go to my countrymen in Zamboanga, people in Syria, Egypt and other regions and nations, who had been experiencing terror, disasters and violence, may they find comfort in knowing that God never forsake those who trusted Him, those who have strong faith. To individuals who lost loved ones in the conflicts, may they find strength and peace of mind and heart through God's consoling embrace and in knowing that many people in other parts of the world sympathized them.

As a Filipino citizen who never stop dreaming to see my country experience peace and harmony, I am still hopeful, very confident that one day, this political tension will be over and the government and the rebel groups can come up with fair and legal terms acceptable to both parties.

I am wishing and praying peace, unity and solidarity, not only for my country but to the whole world, will reign once more. God bless us!!

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